Akeem Ayers moving to DE

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    You guys ever pay attention to the Giants "nascar" package? They take their LB and play him at DE while JPP plays DT. Thats the sorta thing we can expect to see. 3 "DE"s and Klug rushing. Ayers as a DE down in a stance.

    But again, only when they suspect pass

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    That makes more sense. I wasn't sure if they'd move a DE into the tackle spot though. That would be a pretty effective pass rush, but only on obvious passing downs. I'd like to see this with Brown in coverage. :yes:
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    Ayers is big but I don't see him putting his hand down and battling it out with tackles. If he's ever used "right on the line" he'll probably be outside the DE blitzing off the edge. If he's coming from the inside I'm expecting him disguising his intentions.

    I just don't see why it helps to have Ayers with his hand down unless he's coming outside of the DE/Tackle. Wimbley/Casey/Klug/Morgan should be enough to occupy 5 OL. Ayers should only have to beat a FB or RB.
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    More evidence Ayers will play a DE-like role in 2012, look at Grays playbook, he likes his SLB on the LoS

  6. Vigsted

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    The Sam backer is on the line because of the TE and the Under front. Virtually all teams do that and it's not evidence that Gray particularly "likes his SLB on the LoS".
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    The SAM dog play in no way means that Ayers is putting a hand down and playing end. It's a basic concept to have the DE drive to the inside gap and take the RT with him creating a soft edge for the linebacker. I'm all for the play but it is not a position change.

    Ayers in a 5 man rush situation is a solid idea.
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    It is real simple. When we go nickel or dime we won't have a SLB. We will have one or two LBs and neither will be Ayers. Since we are going to be in the nickel or dime 50% or more of the time Ayers will only be a 2 down LB at best. The kid is 250 pounds and runs a 4.7. Although we used him as a nickel backer last year it wasn't ideal.

    The Texans and other teams use OLBs all the time as rush DEs. The Texans used their OLBs exclusively as rush DEs when they went nickel with a four man front. Ayers is actually more of the mold of a 3-4 OLB anyway. Also, most of his college highlights were as a hand down rush DE (look them up for yourself).

    The other issue is we might see more of the 9 technique, like we used to use, in nickel and dime sets meaning the DEs will line up wide. In that scenario Ayers might be a practical choice as an outside rusher over Morgan. The other thing Wimbely and Ayers both give us in that alignment is they can drop into a short zone to mix things up to confuse the QB. So they start with their hand down and then drop off into coverage while possibly another S or LB comes on a blitz.

    Keep in mind, the SLB in the base set is only something we will see 50% or less of the time and against teams like the Pats (and Indy when they had Manning) we will play nickel most of the game. So Ayers at worst gives us an additional DE rusher who can spell both Morgan and Wimbley.
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    I love it when a plan comes together, better late than never I guess

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    You should upgrade that.
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