Breaking News AJ Brown traded to Eagles

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dman5TX, Apr 28, 2022.

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    I wonder how this board would have reacted if we signed a WR for 4 years/$100 million who only had one, barely, 1000 yard season. I suspect no one would be happy.
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    I said it last night and more and more my feelings on this trade have been validated. Hated it first love it more and more now. He is Antonio Brown 2.0 and 80 mil guaranteed is looney tunes. He will absolutely fall apart with the Philly fans hammering him and Vrable will not there to hold him up. remember he had that "mental" issue last offseason...yeah dude is unstable. This is a good franchise move no matter how much it cringes to lose our first top end WR since Mason.
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    I had no problem with the trade initially anyway because I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay any receiver $25-$30 million dollars.

    But the more that’s coming out about how AJ handled the situation the more I’m glad we dealt him.

    Can’t have the inmates running the asylum. Now every other player knows that they are expendable if we’ll walk from the best receiver we’ve had in ages.
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    Some other talking head I saw said that we offered brown 16 a year...
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    I can honestly say I’ve moved past AJ Brown. Happy with our draft so far and happy he is no longer a Titan.
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    16 million with incentives to reach 20?

    He was on Instagram with Deebo saying they offered 20 if my crap memory isn't playing games with me so there's that too

    AJ has extremely thin skin. His agents probably trying to get that extra money because of all the babysitting he has to do by constantly monitoring his Twitter.
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    Translation....I wanted more but I can't stay healthy enough to get more...I don't blame the can thank the Jags

    How the Jaguars broke the WR market with Christian Kirk’s contract -

    Brown spoke to ESPN’s Turron Davenport following the deal and made it clear he wanted to stay in Nashville. He also revealed that the Titans’ offer was for $16 million per year, and up to $20 million annually with incentives.

    “This wasn’t my fault,” Brown said of his exit from Nashville. “I wanted to stay, but the deal they offered was a low offer. The deal they offered wasn’t even $20 million a year.”
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    Sadly, the team needs to pay all the players. I think everyone would love to see Brown back this season but the Titans are in a cap space crunch and something had to give.
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