After thinking about the PM situation

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TNTitans58, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. TNTitans58

    TNTitans58 Rookie

    After really thinking about the PM situation, I am GLAD that we didn't get him....$95 million for a 36 year old coming off neck surgery when he didn't even play the season?.....just too risky for a team like us that's not that close to being SB contenders....let's face reality....the Texans will win the division this year with Schaub, Foster, AJ, and their dominant D

    The way I see it is we'll have one of the most explosive offenses in the league as long as Britt can stay my mind I'm seeing Locker throwing darts down the seams to Britt, Cook, and Washington like he did when he played this year....getting the upgrade at guard with Hutchinson is big, and will only help our running game'd be nice to see us get Saturday, but I don't think he's much of a run blocker (better pass protector)....I just really hope we don't go with Hasselbeck this season as the starter

    The truly worrisome part of this team is at DL, specifically this point, which is subject to change with Anderson, Wimbley, and even Freeney still available, the ONLY guys we have are Morgan and that's just downright pathetic....we HAVE to sign/trade for one of those 3....we CANNOT go into the year counting on a 1st round DE to produce....really, really need to add one of those 3 and then go DE in round 1 or 2

    I think we're very solid at LB at the the secondary the safety tandem is average and I don't see us doing anything unless it's in the draft.....CBs are another concern with the loss of Finny....we CANNOT go into the year with just Verner and McCourty the only CBs who have major experience....getting Tracy Porter would be a really solid add, so hopefully it works out when he visits....remember teams are always playing from behind against the Saints, so it's hard to really know how good he could be

    Just wanted to share my thoughts....IMO it's good that PM went to Denver....still a lot of moves the team can make to address major D concerns
  2. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    Why is everyone so quick to give Houston the division?

    The Texans are like the stock market.
  3. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    I'm sure looking at the PM contract will put a lot Titan fans at ease.
  4. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Just a small correction, Hayes is a FA. The 2nd DE on the roster is actually Malcolm Sheppard lol.
  5. TNTitans58

    TNTitans58 Rookie

    Well then it's a worse situation than I thought...has to currently be the worst DE situation in the league and it's not even close
  6. NYCTitanfan84

    NYCTitanfan84 Special Teams Standout

    Is it a lock? Of course not..thats why the games have to be played. However, at least IMO..they have an overall better team than we do. And they pretty much have everyone returning...
  7. yanek27

    yanek27 Starter

    I was scared of failing with Manning. Everyone thought all of our problems would have been solved and I was one of them. But when it got down to crunch time I thought, 90 mil and what happens if our defense is a main concern?

    Lets just say pressure is off but I still do not feel any better. It was this time last night when I had to watch the Breakfast Club to get my mind off things. Then past 11pm the stupid noise came out about incarcerated bob on twitter. I am just happy its over though.
  8. TNTitans58

    TNTitans58 Rookie

    The front office just has to have a plan for addressing DE....they have to feel horrible about the status right now
  9. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    They haaaaad a plan, it was Mario. But Adams shlt on that idea with the Peyton chase and everything became a big wreck for our FA
  10. kaz

    kaz Special Teams Standout

    Eh, Wade Phillips showed up and we were overall pretty consistent last year. We dropped a couple at the end, and that was when Wade was out (Oh yeah and Schaub :D).

    Amazing what a solid Defense and reliable running game can do for a team.
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