After the 1st Preseason Game...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    and the VY haters return...
  2. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    Vince will do just fine. He just needs to quit thinking he has to make a big play every down. The sooner he learns that, the sooner he will make us fans proud.
  3. TitansWillWin2

    TitansWillWin2 Starter

    Yall crack me up about hating on vince after that game haha. He went 5 for 5 on that first drive with the entire first team in. If that was a real game he would have ran it for a first down just like jeff fisher said. He made great throws and if that guy didnt make a great play on the ball yall would be raving about how good he did. OH AND BTW CJ wasnt in on that series either so there you go.
  4. Fry

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    It was a pretty lazy route. First he slowed down and looked over his shoulder to see if Vince still had the ball. Then when he realized he still had it he tried to finish the play. For a guy who isn't fast to begin, he shouldn't be slowing down at all.
  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    I'm a Vince hater, but come on guys... really?

    He took a dumb chance in a preseason game that he would have thrown OOB in a reg season game. He looked the sharpest I've ever seen him before that throw. I was actually impressed in his growth.
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  6. CheeseheadTitan

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    I do wish that Fisher would have left VY in for one more drive after the INT...would have been good for him, and good to see how he handled it.

    I was impressed with the starters, and thought the dline reserves did pretty good. I think that Simms and Williams should get cut soon. I hope that Mariani keeps getting the opportunity for PR and KR earlier in games to see whether he can handle 1st team competition, but I was impressed with him. Verner moved ahead of Mouton last night, and will likely wind up being the #3 for this season. Rusty Smith looked pretty good, and should be a good fit at #3 this year.

    Overall I am encouraged.
  7. Lord_Drist

    Lord_Drist Camp Fodder

    Seems that Fisher saw enough of the starters in that first drive. Being the first pre season game he opted for taking VY out. May be he saw that the int wasn't hanging on his mind.
  8. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    VY said at half time it was a dumb move and it'll be corrected in the regular season. Vy knows what he did wrong. it's not like he thought it was the right thing to do and doesnt care what people think. he will straighten it out.

    now go to bed.
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  9. Gunny

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    I'm wondering if Vince suffers from over-confidence. He gets in a groove and then does something silly because he thinks he can do anything?
  10. SawdustMan

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    The Good:

    The starters looked great. Preseason or not, the ease at which the offense marched down the field and scored on that first drive was promising. VY looked sharp, aside from that INT at the end. And I'm hoping that was a throw he doesn't make if it's a meaningful game. More so than the INT though, the scuffle afterward bothered me. Probably no big deal, but Vince needs to keep his emotions in check... it was only preseason action for god's sake. Overall though, he looked great throwing the ball. I think this might be the year he finally proves himself to be a bona fide starting NFL QB.

    Mariani made a solid case for a roster spot. He looked good returning the ball. Heck, as long as he can hold onto it he'll be an improvement over last years return squad. I hope between him and D Williams our issues at the position are resolved.

    The first team defense as a whole looked pretty good. Tulloch looked great in his limited action, breaking up 2 passes. I hope he can step up to help fill the leadership void left by KB.

    Of the newcomers, Verner stood out the most. I never noticed him out of position and he seems to know how to finish a tackle, which was a somewhat novel concept for our secondary last season. If he keeps it up I want to see him as the #2 corner, rookie or not.

    The Bad:

    Neither Ringer or Blount impressed me too awful much (Stafon was looking good though :hmm: ). But it was just the first preseason game. Hopefully they both improve as the preseason rolls along.

    Chris. Simms. Is. Terrible. I usually try not to judge too much off of one game, particularly preseason. But in Simms' case, I think I've seen enough to conclude that he would just be a waste of a roster spot. If VY and KC both go down we aren't going anywhere anyway. In that unfortunate scenario we might as well let Rusty get some useful game experience.

    Where was Hawkins? I'm not saying he played poorly. I was just hoping to see a little bit more of him after all the great things we've been hearing from camp. But in fairness Simms was throwing the ball for the majority of the game.

    Mouton... a.k.a. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Just when he was starting to really impress me and make me forget about that Jets game, he has that horrible missed tackle on Mike Williams. And he had a couple other bad plays later on. Sure he had the pick, but that appeared to be more luck than skill. I really hope he steps it up in the 3 remaining PS games. Otherwise I don't want to see him lined up against ANY NFL receiver... ever.

    The biggest thing I took away from last night's game, as someone else mentioned, is that the dropoff between our starters and backups appears to be staggering. We can't afford too many injuries this year.
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