AFC South contributes to big kicking day

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Sunday was a good day for AFC South kickers.
    Indy's Adam Vinatieri missed a 30-yard field goal wide right early in the fourth quarter that could have cut Minnesota's lead to 15-10. But he wound up a hero anyway, nailing a 47-yarder at the end to give the Colts the victory in a game they had no real business winning.
    A week after Tennessee's Rob Bironas kicked off poorly, he drove two second-quarter kickoffs against a stiff wind into the end zone and also aimed a 34-yard field goal just right while accounting for what the wind would do.
    Meanwhile in Jacksonville, Josh executed a surprise bunted onsides kick very well, though he didn't recover it himself as was the plan. He also hit three of three field goals, including a 50 yarder that cleared the cross bar with impressive height.
    "It had 15-, 17-yards (more) on it," Scobee said of the 50-yarder. "That's probably the longest one I've ever hit in the NFL. That one came off perfect."
    Kris Brown and the Houston Texans were out of action because of Hurricane Ike.
    It was a good day for kickers across the league. Eight field goals of 50 yards or longer were attempted, and all of them were good. Overall, 27 kickers combined to connect on 55 of 62 field goals, a percentage of .887.

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