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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    The idiot wind is a blowin!

    Sec bipolar, keep posting such nonsense.

    According to you, nobody has a moral right to criticise any player. To do so is hate.

    According to you nobody has a right to question or criticise a draft pick because to do is just 20/20 hindsight. Therefore there are no bad draft picks.

    According to you andre woolfolk is getting unmercifully bashed and attacked by throngs of wild eyed haters bent on destroying him.

    All this of course is pure bullcrap. Criticising a player is not constitute hate. To say so is closer to hate speech as far as i'm concerned because you are trying to squelch debate here. If you disagree with my comments about a player tell me why or how. Don't do the spineless thing and call me a hater. That's for cowards!
    It's also dishonest for some dolt to suggest that my posts were just 20/20 hindsight. Most of my comments about what the steelers did was in praise of them for identifying a player they truly wanted, going after that player at a high cost and risk(cost them a 3rd and 6th rd draft choice) and succeeding! What the hell is wrong with that? Woolfolk has NOT been a good draft choice and nobody put a gun to floyd's head and forced him to draft andre or dre as you call him.:sad2:
    Reese had options, other corners that were highly regarded, trading up or down or going in another direction altogether. Believe it or not reese is paid well to do more than just consult mel kiper's big board for who to draft next. I never said that reese should have drafted polamalu. Our needs at safety were not as great as pittsburgh's were. The funny thing is that the steelers took care of their need at safety and also at corner. 4th rd draft pick ivan taylor starts for them and is also a superior player to woolfolk.

    And please show me all this message board hate for poor andre. Where is it? I would hate to think you are lying about that.:sad2:
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Don't you get sick of thinking of clever titles?

    Look Tide, I don't see how you draw such stark conclusions from such rationalizations on my part to W.U. ... When did I ever call you a hater? That's a load of crap. I didn't. I characterized negative things he hears about Woolfolk as hater talk but that's a far cry from using an idiotic, childish, slur that should not be banned...

    That entire post to W.U. that you find so objectionable is actually a bunch of stuff I thought of to put a positve light on a difficult situation for Andre.
    It is time for Andre to $:banned: :banned: :banned: or get off the pot. Everyone knows that. I do think it a bit queer that Brain seems to only post on Woolfolk topics, but to my credit I have stopped short of using the H-word.

    In fact Tide, I actually confronted him straight up (with a spine, I think...) and just put it to him...He intelligently explained his position and I accepted it at that. Yeah, I did ask him if he was picking on Woolfolk(s)...

    Now you are indirectly calling me a coward, but on a technicality since I never called you a 'hater', you are off scot free?

    That's fine by me. Part of the reason I jumped in here as W.U.'s advocate was just so it would all stop. I don't want to see people hurt eachother's pride and derail an otherwise good debate or slightly off-topic discussion. I really hope that WoolfolksUncle gets a free pass one day when he proves the doubters wrong.

    Doubter? Is that pc enough? Since you disagree with W.U. over the bust or no bust issue...I did just call you a your logic of course...Are you all right with that Tide?...because if you're not I could always take it back, just so long as I'm not spineless...LOL

    By your logic I am a self proclaimed Lamont Thompson hater...
    Ask 3801, I'm not... I just think he stunk at times and needs to live up to his potential. He's the player I've been ragging. Before that it was Pacman for the Jacksonville debacle, for a solid month I complained about the offensive line. I'm not a "Roo hater" am I ? :brow: as in Roos...

    Even during November I was critical to McNair.
    At one point I even assembled graphics in a post that was to the effect:

    McNair = fragile
    Volek = fragile
    draft Cutler

    I believe the things W.U. says. I call it insight. What happens if Andre turns it around? I think he's a better shot than Lamont Thompson if you want to compare or contrast...

    All I was doing was spinning it to my buddy...And WU is my buddy and I haven't got anything to be ashamed of. I don't stalk him around like I've got some school boy crush as you imply.

    So happens when I first started posting here I hadn't ever posted on a forum before and I really didn't know how to do it without ticking people off...I still might not...but W.U. was one of the first people that acted like a freaking human being toward me.

    ...but I haven't been thrown off the island yet but I'm sorry Tide, it looks as if it's going to be a long offseason buddy because I'm not going anywhere. Like you, I also have a toddler at home so going and hanging out at the pubs with my buddies ain't really a great option.

    You draw way too much out of things.
    That and you level too many accusations.

    I like the yelling though.
  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    I don't have a problem with any of that. But you did say that woolfolk was brought up on this thread mainly to inflame WU and that is simply not true because i was the one who first brought him up. Didn't occur to me that WU would even read the post much less respond to it. He was the one who responded with the scapegoatism line and instantly tabbed soxcat and i as offical woolfolk haters.

    Basically starkiller told him in a nice way to have a thick skin or not participate. If he doesn't want to read criticism of andre he better not read these posts.
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I told W.U. that I didn't know if that was entirely true. If anything that only served to reverse his thought process on viewing the situation. I created doubt in his mind for your benefit. In other words just about every thing I said was more or less to soothe him because he was irritated.

    So what if he can't help himself but to read it? I'm allowed to be nice to people aren't I? You are allowed to scream and berate. I'm just a different type of annimal. That's doesn't make me whatever you are saying I am with your leading statements referenceing W.U.'s words. Those are his thoughts...

    In regards to Andre, I am a little closer to center... I just don't want to see W.U. get upset like he did that time a couple of months ago. That just got out of hand.

    Now that your indictment is whittled down to practically nothing...
    Do you have anything left for a verdict?

    How the hell did I call you a hater?
    Guilt by association I suppose...

    ps- Any guy I ever knew named Andre answered to Dre.
    That's an assumption. You know all about those. :winker:
  5. Ok, thanks BiPolar.

    This is not to keep anything going crazy, but it does amaze me when the threads have nothing to do with Andre and then the whole thing changes to the same old topic. My simple thoughts are, everyone knows Andre is in a guaranteed contract. No one, including myself knows what is going to happen this offseason or during camp, not the coaches, no one. It is a wait and see. I BELIEVE .... key word is I.... I believe he is going to explode. If he doesn't, then he doesn't... My thoughts are wait to see. One thing is sure. If he explodes, the team, the real fans and maybe even some haters will be buying his trading cards to say it lightly... So, just wait, but until then, when I see negativity, I will surface, just the same as anyone else would... I apologize, but I see references to him in threads that have nothing to do with him as negativity... Ok... Peace out...
  6. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    Where are all these hate posts attacking andre? Could you point them out? How about a direct quote from a post that is just dripping with hate? Ok one example then? Do they even exist?

    It's all in yourt head. You call anyone who doesn't think that andre is the greatest corner ever a hater. You seem to think that just because a thread is not all about andre we have no right to bring him up. Sorry, doesn't work that way.

    Andre is about to explode eh? What does that mean? He will beat out fuller and wadell for the nickel? But hey what right do i as a titan fan have to even remotely criticise him? :irked:
  7. Hoffa

    Hoffa Freak you you freakin' freak

    A dolt? I didn't see any Indy fans in this thread.

  8. Now lets get this straight. The topic of this thread is : AFC Championship. The discussion was about Troy Polamalu, yes out of the same draft as Andre and 3 years later in a discussion about the AFC Championship game between Pitts and Denver, you mention that draft. Just out of the blue. The conversation wasn't even going that direction. So yes, I looked at it as a stab at Andre. Don't try to distort it. It happened in another thread and I believe it was either Puck or GoT that brought up the fact that the thread (I believe the Vince Young thread) had nothing to do with Andre. So why were we discussing it, because someone who's name I won't mention (I know who Andre had a good combine numbers/times fell exactly third (close third - 1 bench press less, .02 of a second fastest forty slower than Trufant among available corners behind Newman and Trufant (I could post them and if you ask I will). Now the Senior Bowl following the draft had players of the game and Andre was one of them.
    Scroll down to 2003 results...
    So the Titans did not sit on their butts either in drafting Andre. They did their homework. He had a great Rose Bowl game vs Washington State in which he outshined Trufant (1 interception, down at the goal line, 2 PDs and a blocked field goal). Bottom line he shined during his college years at OU, especially at the end when it counted most in terms of the draft. So not only did you go off kilter in your thread, your usually credible post wasn't credible at all. You jumped subjects from AFC Championship to 2003 draft and you didn't produce the facts. I did, and they show the Titans did do their homework and despite his inexperience at playing corner for only two years, they felt Andre was worth the chance.

    Lets be hypothetical. If Andre were drafted by the Steelers and Polamalu by the Titans, do you think this entire season would have been different. Do you think that the Steelers would be in the pitts and the Titans in the Tital (title) game. I don't think that would have made a difference across the board for the entire team. Maybe missing some of Polamalu's brilliant plays might have made a difference... Maybe Andre wouldn't have gotten hurt in Pittsburgh by his own players for season ending injuries --- twice. Maybe Polamalu gets upset with how everything is going on the Titans and does a T.O. to the team. Maybe the sky is falling. Maybe Danika Patrick would have decided to drive golf balls insted of Formula I Indy Cars. Maybe I would be chatting with Steeler fans. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.

    I plea with you Roll Tide, if you post and you decide to sound so sophisticated, educated and supposedly correct about everything you say, be factual and real. Back up what you say credibly with statistics and facts. I gave them, you or anyone else check them. In my OPINION, subject jumping that utilizes individual names, etc., is the perfect example of haterism, hands down. Now here is my example of haterism that the posters on this board minus Mugwump and Coltman agree to go with me on:

    :coltssuk: :coltssuk: This is straight up hatin on the colts and I love every bit of it!!!! WU out
  9. Hey Tide, I have never said Andre is the greatest corner ever, I simply said he is not as bad as some of you paint him to be. When I give you facts you or anyone who feels I am too defensive (who cares what you think), get mad. Those facts are stats. Go back and check it yourself. For instance, I mentioned the game that he got hurt in showed he was improving drastically, as he shut Fitzgerald down until the injury which was mid 3rd Qtr. He had 5 tackles (2 on fitzgerald for a 9 yard catch and a minus 2 yard catch, = 7 yards total - the other three tackles were on the running back), 3 pass defenses against fitzgerald.... pic below - all this in the first half. This was clearly his best game. That is the kind of stuff I bring up. It is amazing that his worst games were clearly against the best receivers in the league that burn everyone. Again facts - Marvin Harrison and Torrie Holt. Wayne and Harrison burned Pac and Hill to shreads in the second meeting (Wayne burned Pac up in both meetings). Those two games (1st Colts game and the Rams game) were the weeks that the worst criticism came against Andre. Bottom line, I know Andre has improving to do, but more importantly, he does and he will work extra hard this off season to get better. So when I say he is going to explode, you know what I mean, don't be idiotic. He will challenge Hill. I am not saying he will win it back, but the challenge will be more than noticeable and it will be perhaps the hottest challenge of the upcoming camps..... WU
  10. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Hey there Tide...

    When you get some time I'd appreciate it if you could slather me with some more personal attacks. I let it go before because it didn't really serve me to rebuttle on that but what the hell? I'm a dolt because it's my personal opinion that when $#!@ HAPPENS it's not fair to hang it on the guy who decided he liked a player on draft day? What? Is Reese suppossed to be some kind of fortune teller now? Is Reese stupid or was he ignorant? Or was he just plain unlucky that Woolfolk has had to deal with injury that has side tracked his career? Do you even know what a dolt is in the most literal, Merrian-Webster sense? It's now considered an ugly, vulger slur toward somebody who has what can be termed as a mental deficiency. It is no longer used in modern psychiatry. It is now an informal insult.

    Was that it's intent? I'm not stupid, 'ya know.
    In the context, that sure is what it appears to be...
    Sorry man, you didn't get my goat.

    I guess I'm asking for it with a screen name "Bipolar" ...
    Well man, I've got news for you... I don't have Down's syndrome...
    You could just call me a retard. The two terms are cousins.

    Now, calling a Colts fan "dolt" in this forum is just cute. It rhymes. It's banter. What is the point in calling the open mental midget a dolt? A dishonest dolt at that? I guess people think it's cute. Hoffa seems too...

    Doesn't really bother me at all.
    Small point in edgewise... if you are so bothered by W.U. use of hater why do you sling labels at me? Documented offensive ones at that... not a subjective sports term...I'm no Colts fan...I'm a Peyton HATER, baby...

    Do you know why I'm writing this stupid post on this gay and overblown topic? Well far be from me to suggest that you are an adult male up in years but I have a higher purpose which is to show you what a full of crap statement this next quote is. (I know you love to say crap...)
    See the above statement in quote... accusation? What did I tell you about those?
    W.U. has never to my knowledge said that to me and it's clear by my post history that PMJ is my favorite dis to Andre Woolfolk...I've never seen W.U. call Gunny hater...I think we know who Gunny's favorite corner is... Now who is dishonest? Do Gunny and I count as anyone or are we nobody peons unworthy of opinions unless they are congruent with yours?

    I'm not upset by your characterization of me as a dolt. Even if it's meaning is that of a person with a genetically determined mental age between 8 and 12. It's obvious on this board the type of intelligent human being I am. You know something Tide?... I go around this board picking brains, asking questions so that I can learn from somebody. Seldom do I go around force feeding horse hockey.

    I really hoped that this thread was going to just sparkle and fade away because quite frankly, I'm sick of it and I think it's pathetic that I have put so much energy into it, plus at the risk of looking silly defending the guy that a small handful seem to take pleasure in picking on.

    I said "seem" so don't try to tell me how to perceive my world. I have enough trouble with that on my own. W.U. doesn't need me up here batting with him. I'm on the dang fence on it OK!? Time will tell. I don't care but if it seems unfair I'll be there. Book it!
    Funny how this statement by me was ignored.
    Maybe Reese isn't as stupid or ignorant as you suggest...
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