Adrian Peterson says hes gonna get 2500 yards LMAO!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, May 3, 2013.

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    I think his problem the last few years were mostly mental. As in not trusting his line, and for good reason. I think that may have led him into making bad decisions as far as taking holes and calling most plays a wash and just going for gold.
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    The best part about this, is that Hunter does have time. I hope we can get a great season out of Britt, but even without Hunter, I think we still have plenty of weapons.
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    Our offensive line dominated buffalo! Surely you realize that when our OLine has a good game CJ goes bananas. And always gives props to the lineman. Hell, he got em all rolexes after his 2,000 yard season.
    He's gonna have a huge year. Shon Greene isn't anything special, and will likely get 8-10 carries a game. We're actually going to have a run game, something that's been sorely missed since we lost Kevin Mawae when Fisher and co didn't even call the guy
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    I wonder....

    If CJ tells a lie..... does the gold on his teeth grow?
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    So in the interest of fairness, if AP fails to reach 2500 this season, should his fanbase turn on him and mock him because he "set himself up for criticism"? My complaints have less to do with CJ than they do about us as a fan base in general. If you are a fan of a bad team, logic dictates that you should hang your hat on the one or two good players you do have.

    Cleveland isn't up there criticizing Trent Richardson, Jamal Charles was drafted the same year as CJ, has 2,300 less career yards and KC fans aren't calling for his head. Maurice Jones Drew has been in the league 2 full years longer than CJ but has only 300 more rushing yards and has held out for more money, his fan base didn't abandon him. Just stop with the faux outrage and indignation.

    The man plays the position with the shortest shelf-life in the sport and people are pissed he wants to get as much money as possible before his career/earning potential is over? I like when a guy like CJ makes an outrageous claim like 2k yards because it shows they still give a damn about their craft. You can't have 2k be your goal and then not go hard to get it.
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    Fans in Minnesota are never going to turn on AP. AP's just as conceited as CJ, but he's in Minnesota. Things are different up there than they are in Tennessee.
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    Stop it. No one here actually cares that Chris Johnson held out; in fact the majority of posters on this board were rooting for him to get paid. People are pissed because after he got paid he became a part time football player who only makes impacts in 8 games a season.

    If AD has under 200 yards like Johnson did to start his season out then yes people will begin to turn on him; the backlash Chris Johnson faces is largely because of his lack of production.
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    That's cool. I stopped taking you seriously like three years ago.
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    We all know about C.J. , his talent and his big play ability. I am tired of hearing his self centered rants about how he is going to do this, or how he has decided how he is going to do that for the sake of the team. If you want to give a trophy for the 2000 yard season you need to sent it to Jeff Fisher; without all those 10 to 12 extra meaningless runs every game C.J. never gets there.

    Just once I'd like to hear C.J. Man Up and address his short comings and openly commit to working to improve them. I.E. "I know I had too many dropped balls last year and I really want to work hard on that this off season. I know the coach wants me to catch the ball out of the back field so I can help stop the 8 in the box. Being able to catch the ball out of the backfield will help the team a lot. "

    Time to own it C.J. Don't sing it. . . . just bring it !
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