Adams Wants Fisher to Remain Titans Coach

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    I agree.
    Remember that Carr took less money to go elsewhere for the chance of more playing time on D instead of just returns.
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    Why would he think he would have more playing time there when we were so thin at CB? And why did we offer him more $ to do less?

    Everything i have read about why the ravens signed carr is that they needed a punt returner to replace jim leonard. I have not read anything about them guaranteeing him more playing time at CB.

    I just don't believe it.
  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Nice post wycheck!

  4. el_darax

    el_darax Camp Fodder

    So your basically saying that he has no impact on his players, who is chosen to start, plays chosen, etc AT ALL.

    If he has awesome players all around he will do well! Then lose in the playoffs.

    When he has crappy players all around he will do bad!

    So .... your basically agreeing that he is on the lower end of mediocre at best, right? I mean if he has no influence on his own team he must not be the greatest HEAD coach, eh?

    With that said it would of been stupid to get rid of him while he's on contract....Bud is too smart/cheap-skateish for that lol.

    Even tho he's at the butt end of mediocre he's still worth keeping to keep from paying him contract money for nothing. And who knows...maybe his 'stache will go into helicopter mode; fly him into a mid-air ball........and he'll score a touchdown causing the Titans to make the playoffs and go to the SB.
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  5. customtitan

    customtitan Special Teams Standout

    lol.. so in one sentence you say if you look at fisher over 15 seasons..... then turn around and grade him on 10 years. how exactly does that work? pick and choose much :yes:
  6. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    this team is as inconsistent as an old mans weenier during his daughters slumber party.
  7. amy

    amy Starter

    well, ok. I agree-I think.
  8. wycheck28

    wycheck28 Starter

    i used the last 10yrs instead of the last 15yrs because 99 was fishers real 1st yr in tennesse and it was the 1st yr the titans w/ fisher had a steady home. in 99 the oilers died and the titans were born and its only fair to start with a clean slate. but if you want to bring up the 1st 4 and a half yrs lets do it.

    Fishers record from 94-98
    32 wins 38 loses
    0 playoff appearences

    i think fishers record here is pretty darn good considering the turmoil this oraganization was going through at this time. everyone always wonders how fisher managed to become the head coach after going 1-5 after taking over for jack pardee but think about it at this time the whole nfl knew the oilers were on there way out of houston and what experianced coach would want to come and take over for a team that is on its way out of town and all the brain damage that intails. adams decided to go with fisher because of a lack of better options and fisher made the most of it by keeping this team at sub 500 while going through all of these changes. honestly i think fishers first 5 yrs on the job are why adams has stuck with fisher through thick and thin and why adams still has confidence in fisher. this is a matter of opinion but i still think fisher earns a B grade(if not better)
  9. wycheck28

    wycheck28 Starter

    honestly most teams in the NFL have been inconsistent over the last 10-15yrs. yes theres been a couple of teams that have remained consistent(we play in the same division as one of them) but for the most part nfl teams are up and down and thats the way the nfl likes it.
  10. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    You're a ing weirdo
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