Adams screwing this franchise

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TNTitans58, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. amy

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    "Reality: Peyton is great in regular season, but has been one and done 7 out of 11 times he made the POs. With 1 SB win over Rex Grossman and the bears."

    Was their injury list long all those times too? Are you saying, in the face of one and done seven of 11 times, a 36 year old who may or may not be able to throw, a man who has stated categorically that he does not mentor, a man who has had three neck surgeries with a fusion in one of them, a man who hasn't even proved yet that he can actually throw at 70%, much less 100%, that we should give up what we need most so we can HOPE for a SB title?

    Do people ever think through anything?
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  2. TorontoTitanFan

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    I like the theories that the Titans are masterminds and they have set themselves up to go after Manning with a built-in plan to shield Hass and Locker if they don't get him (or to drive up Manning's price), but I find those theories far less likely an explanation than that Bud is old, kinda crazy and desperate for a Super Bowl.

    Usually, the most likely explanation is the correct one.
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  3. madeupdreams

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    You guys are already in panic mode and we haven't even met with manning yet.

    Jake is under contract. He doesn't seem like the type of guy that would break that. If he were to, it would tell us that he's not the guy we thought he was when we drafted him.

    Locker will be fine regardless of the outcome in this deal. Calm down folks!
  4. Soxcat

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    Here are the facts:
    1. Manning is not doing this for the money. The only reason he wants to keep playing is to have a shot at a SB. So I'm not sure money is going to be a real stumbling block like it would be for other FAs. We can work out a deal after the fact and we have the CAP space to make it work even if we sign mario.
    2. Manning is going to pick the team he wants to play for. Teams aren't picking him.
    3. It is illogical to automatically assume because we are bringing Manning that means it changes much of anything as far as Mario or other FAs go. The team is not going to sit on their hands and let FAs they really want to sign some place else for a glimmer or a chance Manning wants to play in TN.
    4. Getting all bent out of shape about Mario is ridiculous. Even if we go full bore after the guy doesn't mean he signs here. I get the impression people think he is a done deal or something. He might not sign here anyway. There are other teams with CAP room who will go hard after the guy.
    5. We would be morons for not atleast inviting Manning in to see if he is a possiblity. I woudln't call this one of Bud's dumber moves by any stretch.
    6. People are blowing the Locker situation way out of proportion. If Locker sits behind Manning for 3 years we can still sign him to a long term deal and keep him as our QB. The assumption he is going to be pissed and leave is without merit. Sure that is always a possibility but sitting behind Manning is not a bad thing.
    7. Manning without question gives us the best chance at a SB in the next few years and I don't think he makes this move if he doesn't think he can both still play and that he is safe in doing so.
    8. It is actually still a possibility we could go strong after Manning AND Mario and still not get either one. No fault of the Fo or Bud. That is just the way it could turn out. We should be prepared for that possibility.
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  5. Fry

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    I do think it's pretty funny that Bud was so unwilling to pull the trigger when it came to firing Fisher but has no problem forcing QBs on his coaching staff.
  6. Titans2004

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    Bud's brilliance is unbelievable. Now on the day that FA starts the Titans are being mentioned as a front runner for Manning. Players want to go to a team that they feel is on the upswing and making a real effort to contend. This excitement might actually help us land other FAs even if the Manning deal never materializes.
  7. Childress79

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    Mario is good but not elite.
    He isn't going to be worth a huge pay check which he'll get is enough teams want him.
  8. Alex1939

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  9. Chapparal97

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    Just a thought..........Since supposedly Bud wants Peyton to stay on in a management position after he retires, could Bud be offering a piece of the team (as in part ownership) as a way to circumvent the cap, offer compensation and get Peyton's interest?

    Yeah, I know the grandson is being groomed, but what's to stop Bud from agreeing to give say 10% of the team to Peyton in a few years? Could have some tax advantages if Bud took care of this now rather than after he passed. Spanos in San Diego just did a little "estate planning" last year.

  10. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Far from fact, IMO. Obviously, Peyton thinks he'll return to his former self but history has shown, time after time, that many players don't live in reality when it comes to their own skills/health. Based on recent medical reports, he can't be 100% himself his nerve regeneration/arm strength will fully recover.
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