Actual parts of Pac's letter from Goodell

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Mrs, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I say, "go for it".
    RM- for the record, I agree the suspension is unjust and too long. I feel that it is so long that it hurts Jones' chances of reinstatement. Everything I have seen, heard and read from him suggests that he has no intention on turning his back on old acquaintances. Given the frequency of incidences it's all too easy just lose faith.

    Take Andre Woolfolk for instance... no matter how badly some of us wanted him to breakout and be a quality player for one reason or another we just lost faith in him one by one. Those were on-feild performance issues. It's really not alot different than Adam Jones' off the field behavior issues.

    The benefit of my disposition is this: When Jones fails to satisfy the commissioner I won't be upset because I will have believed that to be the inevitable outcome all along. If I'm wrong about Jones and he exceeds my expectations I'll be ecstatic. :nana2:

    There is no way I want to be right. I want Jones to change. In fact, the smartest thing he could have done is get a haircut. That's what he should have done before his meeting with the commissioner. He should have got himself a nice fade so he wouldn't look like one of those Jamaican gangsters from that Steven Segal movie Marked For Death.

    I'm just so sure (I'm speculating) he was slouching in his chair when he was talking with him. I bet he was rolling his eyes and making excuses for himself instead of owning up to his transgressions. I bet you Chris Henry was saying anything he could think of to get his tittie out of the wringer. Adam Jones needs to work on his "You can't touch this" mentality.
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    TitanJeff, I think not posting the pics would be a good idea. Pac wouldn't care, but I think it would cause a big stir. More would be made of the photos than there actually was.

    Bipolar, I know Pac and he has never slouched. The more he feels threatened, the cockier he presents himself, with chest thrown out, head held high and back straight.

    Pac isn't a thug, but more 'hood. When you're from the hood, your rep is all you have. The police are my friend, I cooperate with them. In the hood, police is the enemy, you get beligerant and cuss them out. In college I saw some girls from the hood cuss and fight with security for no reason. Things that were nothing turned into messes because of hood mentality.

    I have a friend who is beautiful enough to be a top model. This friend is straight out of Atlanta hood. She and her boyfriend started clowning at an upscale venue and got tossed out. Luckily no reporter got hold of this info, but I was amazed at this behavior. I couldn't imagine me and my guy behaving this way in public.

    Slowly Pac is learning to tame his hood-like tendencies.
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    he better hurry up. he has almost completely pissed away a promising nfl career.
  4. Ewker

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    thanks for that comment...I needed a good :ha: today
  5. GoT

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    I agree completly.
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