According to Rosenthal, Titans are one of the worst position groups at RB.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, May 14, 2013.

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    Yea I think I can agree with that. He's hardly done much tho to prove it. And while yea everything goes thru Bree's, his RBs are an essential part of his game. Dude is check down charley in all the right ways. Sproles looks like a god in that offense. Hardly even gets carries anymore but is a receiving threat that CAN get carries. They tried giving Ingram the goal line touches... I remember specifically when they got stood up at the line and it got blown up in the media. Ingram had the ball, three straight touches and nothing.
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    Ingraham is a power back with average power and bad speed. Not good. He had insane production in college but his game isn't a fit for the NFL. There's a reason Trent was stealing carries from him at Bama and is already a better pro. I thought he was second round talent but a good fit for the Pats if they wanted him in the first.
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    He should be in a zone system where he makes one cut and goes cause he has decent quickness and vision, just not long speed and isn't overly powerful. He would put up Morris #'s in the Redskins system.

    That is no knock on Morris he is a good RB but the system is very friendly.
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