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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by therealtrueblue, Feb 14, 2012.

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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    I wouldn't cut him, he's earned those future checks, and can still play at a high level. No sense in creating another problem, we have enough holes to fill as is.
  2. Gunny

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    Jevon was a different matter. We had so much money tied up in Mason, George, McNair, Rolle etc that we couldn't afford Kearse. I don't even think we could afford to franchise him that year.
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  3. Scarecrow

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    I agree, he probably will not be easily replaced with a veteran and with two young guys, he is what we need.

    Just because someone is making some money, and may not be a top 10 player, does not mean we should cut them. We would probably feel it if we lost Spoon.
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  4. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    You think he's going to have to be the highest defensive player in the league?!

    I'm not saying you're wrong. I just don't see him as being that good. I'm not even sure he's a top 5 DE. He's definitely not a top 5 OLB.
  5. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    It's not about being a top 5 defensive player, it's about being close to the top 5 and hitting free agency at the perfect time. That's where the huge contracts come from. He will be overpaid.
  6. pettso

    pettso Starter

    I think he'll get something along the lines of 5 year 70 mil or 6 year 85 mil with around half of it guaranteed.

    He's definitely not the best defensive player in the league, but like TTF said, he's still in his prime and he's a free agent meaning you don't have to give up any picks to get him to your team. If the Texans defense hadn't stepped up big, we wouldn't be having this conversation, they would have paid him his money and he wouldn't be available. It's pretty rare that a player that good is available in their prime via FA.
  7. pettso

    pettso Starter

    So I gave it some thought and I'd be on board with paying Williams the big bucks. I realize its a large contract but look at it this way:

    The Titans need a DE. Along with O-line (which can and will be improved through the draft), it is at the top of our gaping holes to fill. At 20th in the draft, we're not gonna get an impact DE, especially with this year's class being pretty weak. We have some decent guys on the line, I like where Klug and Casey are going and I'm willing to give Morgan another year or two to do something. The problem is none of those guys are above average at the moment, they're all very serviceable rotation guys on the line but we have no impact players on the D-line (you can make an argument for the entire defense but I won't).

    This leaves us in a weird spot. We really can't compete for the playoffs with our line the way it is at the moment (unless people set up big time) and there won't be any impact players available in the draft. If we don't make a move in FA, I think it will be a pretty big failure by the FO. Williams is the perfect target for the Titans for two reasons:

    1) We can afford him. We have a lot of cap space and we're likely not going to be signing Finnegan. Even after giving him 14-15 million per year, we'll have enough to fill up our most glaring holes. That also frees up our 1st round pick and allows us to improve our secondary or O-line.

    2) It really is a no-risk move. We're not giving up anything (no picks or players) to sign him. We're only guaranteeing him the money for this next year, after which, if we feel he's not producing at the level we paid him to produce at, we can cut him, nothing lost. If he is, great, keep him on and make a run.

    What else are we gonna spend our 30 million on? We can sign JJ, Finnegan and add some average players to a team that's already overflowing with average.

    IMO, best case scenario:
    Sign Williams (13-15M)
    Sign Babs (2M)
    Sign an OG (~4-5M)
    Sign JJ or some other Dline rotation/depth player (3-4M)
    Sign some other depth (~2-3M)
    Sign rookies (~5M)
    Let Finnegan walk

    That puts us at around 30-33M, which is in-line with what we have.
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  8. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    ...and then draft Peter Konz? :brow:
  9. Two Kings

    Two Kings NJ Titan

    I'm all for getting someone from FA, but trading a 2nd round draft? No way.

    Our draft class was amazing last year. Why trade that in for a 3 year production with a high price.

    Sign the guys that don't require trades and save our draft picks for what we do best: draft.
  10. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Yeah I'd rather have Mario Williams for 7 years 90 million then Osi for 5 years 40-50 million plus a 2nd round pick. I'd rather have Carl Nicks then both of them though.
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