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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SawdustMan, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    sad? really? it's "sad" I don't put VY in the top 5 signal callers in this league?

    dude, Brady, Manning, Brees, Rogers, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Vick, Cassel...

    all those guys are better than Young.

    hell, Romo, Schaub, Orton, Flacco...

    They're all arguably better than Young. Don't tell me about Young's passer rating. That was a small sample. As of today he's not qualified as a QB rating leader. Beside that his number was composed of low attempts and low yards. Granted, he was much improved in the interception count. But completing 10 passes for sub 200 yards is not beast balling.

    Do you even watch football? What do you mean when you say "even though we don't win with anyone else"...

    Tennessee Titans went 13-3 in 2008-09 essentially without VY. They opened 10-0. Kerry Collins had 9 starts in that unbeaten streak. He led a comeback against Jacksonville at LP Field in week 1 after VY threw a tantrum and quit on us. I along with 60,000 Titan fans boo'ed VY. He couldn't handle that either. We all know what that led to. Or do you? :wink2:
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  2. costarica2

    costarica2 Banned forever

    @t Kenny: Do you want to get a lil high?
  3. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    Do you actually think this compares at all to Vince Young's situation? Young is a crybaby. Brady is a multiple-time Super Bowl winner and former MVP and he was yelling at his team because he didn't think they were working hard enough or playing well enough. Brady is everything a quarterback should be and Vince Young can't hold Brady's jock.
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  4. costarica2

    costarica2 Banned forever

    If you like him so much go marry him.

    Or just go be a pats fan.Not every team has guys like that.
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    What? Are you in third grade? What the hell kind of response is that? :ha: Marry him? I guess Brady could marry a man in Massachusetts. Interesting comment though... "Not every team has guys like that" Really? Brady is the epitome of what a quarterback should be. He has skills. He has discipline. He's tough. He's smart. He works hard. In short, he is everything that VY is not.

    That and he has a dresser drawer full of Super Bowl rings. :trophy:

    You're damn right not every team has guys like that. I want the Titans to have a guy like that. You make it sound like Brady is a chump beotch.
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  6. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo


    i talk to dead girls about my problems. i dont write it on a towel.
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  7. amstrf89

    amstrf89 Starter

    My comment wasn't really directed at that particular opinion. It was directed more at the general sentiment displayed in your post. Some people refuse to give VY credit when he (at least in the last two years) has done pretty much everything asked of him on the field. In the last two years we are 12-6 in games that VY has started and 1-10 in games he hasn't started. His stats put him in the upper echelon of passers. People still think we should trade or cut him and go after Kolb of all people. My point was that he isn't getting the respect he deserves, not necessarily that he is a top 5 qb.

    And he was qualified to be the passer rating leader for a couple weeks after he was put on injured reserve, so don't act like he's only been throwing 5 times a game.

    You can tell your argument isn't very strong when you have to go back 2 years to find a game in which someone other than VY beat a team that had its starting qb in the game.
  8. SchindlersFist

    SchindlersFist Camp Fodder

    thats why only one team wins the super bowl
  9. Tight Uns

    Tight Uns I'm a girl, dude


    So basically, boorish behavior is okay because he's won.

    I agree.
  10. Rebel Titan

    Rebel Titan Oiler Cannon Ball

    Does anyone really believe that Fisher did not notice Britt's towel like he stated? If he didn't he's not very observant and THAT is a problem. If he did then just another lie by Fisher. i.e. Britt's injury has no bearing on picking up Moss. Yet once Britt is healthy where is Moss? How about Collins gives us the best chance to win(torn tendon in finger on throwing hand) VY healthy. The list goes on.
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