A draft day trade in the works............

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by bongo59, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Soxcat

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    Why not add a guy like Stallworth, who could easily be as good (probally better early), in FA and then trade up to get two first round defensive players. We get our WR and bolster the defense. Imagine if we could get a quality RDE and a quality DT (or S) in the draft along with Stallworth?
    We should be able to get into the late first round with giving up our 2nd and 3rd round picks (possibly throw in a 4th rounder).
  2. MattPan25

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    stallworth could be good but im sure he will sign back with the eagles, he seems to be a good fit there. these are all good ideas, but we need a gm 1st. i hope they get one so we can get ready for fa and the draft. they are taking forever, maybe they are waiting on one of the playoff teams to lose.
  3. RollTide

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    Here are the alternatives..

    Chansi Stuckey 5-10, 185 4.40 Clemson
    Jason Hill 6-0, 210 4.55 Washington State
    David Clowney 6-0, 180 4.35 Virginia Tech
    Jarrett Hicks 6-3, 210 4.60 Texas Tech
    Dallas Baker 6-3, 205 4.60 Florida
    Laurent Robinson 6-2, 195 4.45 Illinois State
    Steve Breaston 6-1, 195 4.55 Michigan
    Rhema McKnight 6-1, 205 4.55 Notre Dame
    Courtney Taylor 6-2, 200 4.60 Texas A&M
    Chris Davis 5-10, 175 4.50 Florida State
    Brandon Myles 6-1, 190 4.45 West Virginia

    The WR that we would be considering in rd 4. I don't think mccareins is a bad deal there. At least we know what we are getting. We draft the guy in the 4th in 2001. Get a great season out of him in 2003. trade him for a 2nd, and now get him back for a late 4th? Interesting but the best option is the one starkiller presented where we sign him after he is released for a one or two year deal.
    Note that mccareins just turned 28 so he still has some tread on those tires.
Thread Status:
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