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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. NewsGrabber

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    <em>Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Red zone production and defense is a crucial element to any NFL game. But there are some particularly intriguing numbers connected to the Ravens-Titans matchup.</p> <p>According to the Elias Sport Bureau: One of the key matchups in this game will be how the Titans' efficient red-zone offense performs against the Ravens' stingy red-zone defense.</p> <p>Tennessee scored a touchdown on over 60 percent of its red zone possessions, averaging over five points per possession inside the 20 - both near the top of the league.</p> <p>The Baltimore defense kept opponents out of the end zone on nearly two-thirds of their red zone possessions, yielding 3.7 points per red zone possession.<br /> <br /> Titans Offense vs Ravens Defense Inside the Red Zone</p> <p>2008 Regular Season (NFL Ranks)</p> <p>Titans Offense Ravens Defense<br /> TD pct 62.2 (3rd) 35.9 (2nd)<br /> Score pct 93.3 (3rd) 76.9 (5th)<br /> Pts per poss 5.3 (3rd) 3.7 (2nd)</p> <p>While the Titans' strong running game definitely contributes to their red zone success, don't underestimate the impact of quarterback Kerry Collins as the Titans approach the end zone. My friends at ESPN Research point out that eight of Collins' 12 TD passes this season (and none of his interceptions) have come inside the opponents' 20, giving him a red zone passer rating of 110.6, 2nd-highest in the NFL this season.<br /> <br /> Kerry Collins in the Red Zone<br /> 2008 Regular Season<br /> <br /> Comp pct 59.6<br /> TD-Int 8-0<br /> Passer rtg 110.6<<<br /> Sacks 0<br /> >>2nd in NFL (Min. 25 attempts)</p>

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    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Collins has the second best passer rating in the red zone in the NFL this season? I'm impressed. That's where it matters. I'd love to see stats for inside your own 20. That's where it will matter this week too.
  3. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    That is impressive about Collins. Man, I can hardly wait for tomorrow.
  4. jessestylex

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    We wont make it to the red zone, if the ravens punter drops it within the 20 every time. field position is key to winning. we must start at least the 35 yard line or better.
  5. Gut

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    That's why our better return game should help us a lot. If both teams can't move the ball, we should make steady pregress in field position because our returner is much better!

    We also need a Chris Johnson to make a big play either running or catching a pass and it would help if Gage or BJ came up with a big catch down the field. They will get single coverage to take shots. We need to convert a couple of those!

    There big plays will require Flacco to hit his guys...hopefully while under pressure. In the matchup show, they showed a play where Flacco had a wide open WR running a post down the middle of our cover 2 and Flacco didn't see him (during the season). Collins will need to match Flacco's big plays...but we also have CJ who can break some big runs and we also have a returner who can break some big runs. Advantage Titans!

    I also like Bironas over Stover. This is definitely a game of take the points when you can!

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