5 Years From Now Vince Young Will Be Listed With This Group

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titan1216, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Titanpride

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    One thing I would like to see, us going back to the pure 46 defense. Over the years we haven't had the roster to execute it. We ran a pure 46 in 94' and 99'/00' and as a fan it was awesome to watch... ya, we gave up the big play here and there, but it was worth it. When Jones gets back, Griffen at FS, and our D-line adding the pressure that it has... we'll have the roster and type of players to run it.
  2. MJTitans

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    My nomination for quote of the week, if we had one.
  3. Ubiq

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    The same can be said about the players in the secondaries they faced as well, and his favorite target (Limas Sweed) is not in the league yet. Seriously people, stop trying to put everything on Vince's shoulders. He's not completely to blame for his struggles. For God's sake, he needs a little help. He's never going to be a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning, come to grips with that fact people. But with a big time target or two, he could be a pretty damn good QB. Rome wasn't built in a day, and would've never been built without a little help.
  4. MJTitans

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    haha... I read that as Romo wasn't built in a day. I guess that could have been pretty appropriate, too.
  5. KingTitan25

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    good call
  6. DJB

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    I think people are being to hard on Vince Young. Yes his stats aren't pro bowl caliber but he wasn't losing games for the team. The Titans (for better or worse) are a defensive and running team. Passing stats aren't really a priority when the Titans are playing how they want to play. Yesterday was a game where the defense and running game didn't perfom at all and it's Vince Youngs fault? I think VY showed great potential yesterday when called on to throw a lot, there were several mistakes made..most of which seemed to be communication problems with WRs. I'm excited to see what Vince Young will be in 5 years.
  7. KptTitanFan

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    I believe this argument would hold down well with someone like Brett Farve behind center, but deffinately not with a second year QB in Vince Young. He's been criticized ever since he entered the NFL and even so before that, we all know Vince is going to be a winner. What we don't know is that Vince is going to be a loser, that is why all this is looking unfamiliar to us and we are being so harsh.
  8. theprizdfighter

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    VY is a beast; and will be even more of a beast in 5 years. What he is dealing with now is not the Madden Curse. It's just a sophomore slump. We had a 6-2 record half way through the season with his sophomore slump; I can't wait for the rest of his career when he is out of the slump.
  9. whitevick331

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    i like what im hearing from those who did not speak up during sundays discussions. i felt alone during the game on sunday as the only vince young supporter, it is good to see more positive feed back and a lot of vince young supporters....this thread made my day as a Titans fan because the positive fans are ourweighing the negative
  10. Soxcat

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    COunt me in the group that is positive for the long run still but wondering what the heck is going on. However, I'm about to start putting as much blame on our coaching staff as on VY. VY in the shot gun, spreading the offense and running the ball as neccesary makes more sense to me than contantly lining up in an I formation and pounding the ball. In the short run Fisher might win us a few games against inferior teams but it doesn't help to develop VY into the kind of QB we will need to take the next step.
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