4-8 is gonna suuuck

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    Well fellas and amy & Jessica, and that one other girl that posts here, these are some dark days for us Titan fans. Not since 2005 have we been this bad as a team, and to make things worse, the Texans of all teams are going to win the division this year.

    The troubling part of this season is that I don't think many saw it coming. This season kind of killed us slowly. Up until last week we had something to play for, but once we hit 4-8 it'll really all be over this weekend.

    I know we had a few guys saying we're a 7-9 kind of team, but there was a lot of excitement surrounding this team this summer.

    I just wanna know, where did we go wrong? World Peace claims to have seen this day coming, he'll often remind you that he was not impressed with the Chris Palmer hiring, but really who was?

    Was it over before it ever began? A 9-7 season last year suggested these coaches had figured it out, but currently sitting at 4-7 with losses coming from the Colts and Jags says "no they didn't Buster, they sure tricked you."

    I don't know, I'm just for once this year not excited to see us play.
  2. nickmsmith

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    I turned down the chance to go see the game this weekend. My Texan friend and his GF and a few of his friends are going, but I declined. After last year's Texans Titans game, I'd be OK never seeing the two play again. I'd rather save the gas money and not pay 20 dollars on a beatdown.. and even if it is a win, it is for naught.

    Will be in Indy for the Colts/Titans in a few weeks though, as is tradition.
  3. World Peace

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    The 9-7 wasn't impressive to me because the league as a whole put a worse product on the field than in years past. Munchak is 3-12 vs teams with a record over .500. Go look at the point differentials from last season. It's almost identical to this year but as the league got better, the Titans stayed the same. The points scored and points allowed are almost identical. The spotty performance of Chris Johnson is almost identical... and while none of us like losing, I think we can stomach losing when we see the product on the field improving. However, it doesn't look like that has happened. This team keeps regressing and that lies on the coaches shoulders. I just think we needed more experience and credibility on the sideline from a coaching perspective. Don't give me the spill about all of these Hall of Fame players who are coaching on our sideline. I'm glad they had success in their personal career but none of those guy won a Superbowl and none of those guys are as good as a coach as they were a player. History tells us that HOF former players don't always mean that they will be successful at coach. I would also like a former QB as a head coach... Those types always seem to be successful in the NFL even if they weren't successful as a QB in the league.
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  4. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    I thought TE was posting and was going to praise him for having a serious post beyond 1 sentence..

    ..and then I read the name World Peace.
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  5. nickmsmith

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    lol. me too.
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    The biggest problem? We allow 30 F'n points a game. Add that to a lack luster and inconsistent offense with basically a rookie QB... A running back that wasn't running with any meaning, a questionable offensive and defensive scheme... I didn't expect play offs. My only really hope from this year was to evaluate locker and the coordinators.

    For those saying it falls on locker for losing, here's some numbers

    Washington with RG3. Points scored 295. Points allowed 285. 5-6

    Indy with Luck. Points scored 230. Points allowed 273. 7-4

    Miami with Tannehill. Points scored 211. Points allowed 226. 5-6

    Vikings with Ponder. Points scored 248. Points allowed 249. 6-5

    Bengals with Dalton. Points scored 282. Points allowed. 247. 6-5

    Titans with locker/hass. Points scored. 238....... Points ALLOWED 335...... 4-7

    The jag rags need not even be added to the list. Whatever.
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  8. Titaneers

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    hello refs!
  9. ColtKiller

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    Last year we had a cupcake schedule. And Hasselbeck had a very good year.

    This year we see the Titan's coaching staff gt exposed more or less weekly. The only games we win are against teams that more or less sleep on us entirely or just suck.

    We have no push in the trenches on either side of the ball. Until that is addressed, this is what we'll have. Look at SF. That's a team built from the inside out. With their front 7 on defense and their offensive line....the other players don't even really matter. Hell....you could probably throw Colin Kaepernick in there and they'd still be good.
  10. Alex1939

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    For whatever reason, it has seemed to me that everyone on the team tries harder with Locker under center. So maybe Locker getting hurt is what really started this season's downfall.
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