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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by oilerstruck, Aug 25, 2006.

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    O.A. "Bum" Phillips, the former Houston Oilers (1975-80) and New Orleans Saints (1981-85) head coach, was the first to use the 3-4 set on every down in 1975. In 11 seasons as a head coach, Phillips' defenses ranked in the league's top half nine times. When he became the Saints' head coach in 1981, Phillips inherited the league's worst defense (No. 28 overall) and built it into an NFL top-five unit in three of the next five seasons.
  2. GoT

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    despite what I just said about not having a problem with the 4/3 I would perfer a 3/4 because of the 4 blitzers insetead of 3 in the 4/3. Would really perfer running 46D especially if the D is gonna give up 4TDs a game ya might as well go to a giant gonad D
  3. oilerstruck

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    That's right. I am not suggesting move away from our base 4-3 sceme. However a 3-4 package gives us flexibility in game time adjustments. Don't forget we have the Colts in the division and they seem to struggle against the 3-4. I just wish we were able to get the 46 D working like the good old days. Of course if we could keep our best man coverage DB out of jail (that's another story) and get a consistent dominient pass rush out of the front 4, we might be able to use it more.
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    We use 3 downlinemen sometimes, not much from what I remember though. I don't think we have ideal personnel to run a 3-4 a lot, but I like the idea of a 3-3 nickle alignment or maybe 3-4 in passing situations.
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    I'd agree...

    with GoT...

    Bring back the 46D. We HAVE the personel to run it...so USE IT!

    Put Haynesworth over Center a covering up the Guards means Big Al is one on one for every play!

    Plus, then we can go back to having 4 blitzers (near the los).

    Plus, we can start SCARING people and knocking QB's out inseatd of watching them sit back, take a bite out their sandwich, take a swig of beer, and then launch a 30 yard completion to a wide open WR against our zone D!

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