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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    Well, there's a difference. I'm evaluating pure talent with draft prospects. I say Revis is overrated due to scheme, but he's not being drafted #1 overall or anything here in a month, so it's not that important.

    Highly doubt Peterson ever runs below a 4.3. He was supposed to be able to run a 4.37 according to LSU (and colleges are usually very generous).... but he ran a 4.32 at the combine.

    But the difference between 4.2 and 4.3 is huge.
  2. 24

    24 Starter


    I don't want to seem like I'm gloating, but this makes me feel good. Gives me more confidence in my film study. He literally says exactly what I've been saying.

    ""I'm not a big Von Miller fan," Razzano said. "In looking at Big-12 tape, he does not have a motor. He doesn't chase hard. They run at him, and he doesn't fight off blockers. When he gets sacks, a lot of times he's not getting blocked. He's a one-move guy."
  3. steverife

    steverife Starter

    I think that is a fair observation. One difference that I can point out is that Gholston didn't have any coverage skills at all. Also, I think Gholston's primary issue is confidence. He was probably in the wrong situation for that. I think you can find reasons to think that any player might not pan out and Von Miller is definitely no exception. I also think that you can almost do too well in the combine. People start to call you a workout warrior. Urlacher was a workout warrior and he panned out.

    I think Von Miller is a special talent, but I felt that way last fall.
  4. 24

    24 Starter

    And, honestly, I don't even think it's an effort thing. The OTs he's going up against are almost 100 pounds bigger than him. It may look like he's not trying, but I personally think he just can't do anything once the block is on him.
  5. 24

    24 Starter

    Updated 3/20/11

    I'll have one more update right before the draft. Things have pretty much come together by now, but there might be some small changes depending on injury news, character issues, etc. No mock draft this time, I'll make one final one later.

    Big Board (3/20/11)

    1. A.J. Green
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Robert Quinn
    4. Prince Amukamara
    5. Julio Jones
    6. Nick Fairley
    7. Da'Quan Bowers
    8. Tyron Smith
    9. Marcel Dareus
    10. Aldon Smith
    11. Mark Ingram
    12. Cameron Jordan
    13. Nate Solder
    14. Muhammed Wilkerson
    15. Ben Ijalana
    16. Blaine Gabbert
    17. J.J. Watt
    18. Phil Taylor
    19. Stefen Wisniewski
    20. Cameron Heyward
    21. Von Miller
    22. Anthony Castonzo
    23. Jimmy Smith
    24. Danny Watkins
    25. Rahim Moore
    26. Kyle Rudolph
    27. Akeem Ayers
    28. Jabaal Sheard
    29. Christian Ponder
    30. Marvin Austin
    31. Brooks Reed
    32. Kendall Hunter

    Sleepers (3/20/11)

    Ahmad Black (S): Very instinctive, quick twitch athlete.
    Allen Bradford (RB): Great size/speed combination.
    Brandon Fusco (C): Natural bender.
    Brandon Hogan (CB): Plays angry, excels in man coverage.
    Cecil Shorts (WR): Possesses NFL athleticism.
    Danny Watkins (OG): Keep him at guard, great leverage.
    David Mims (OG): Great range, uses hands well.
    Davon House (CB): Recently timed at 4.32.
    Edmond Gates (WR): Great long speed, could fill Mike Wallace role.
    Greg McElroy (QB): Smart player, underrated accuracy.
    Greg Romeus (DE): Injury concerns dropped this potential first rounder.
    Jah Reid (RT): RT only, doesn't have feet for LT. Great size, power.
    Jerrell Powe (NT): Great anchor against the run, worth late round pick.
    Jordan Cameron (TE): Lacks experience, but combine numbers tell story.
    Nate Irving (MLB): Very physical, finds the ball with ease.
    Rob Housler (TE): Timed very well, could afford to bulk up. Good hands.
    Sam Acho (DE): Smart, performed better than expected in drills.
    Taiwan Jones (RB): Quick, great COD. Similar to Dexter McCluster.
    Terrence Tolliver (WR): Great size/speed, his flaws are fixable.
    Will Rackley (OG): Great anchor, violent blocker.
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Here you go again....

    So when PP more than handled Julio Jones while in PRESS coverage...that's irrelevant? LOL

    The downside to PP atm is that he's not nearly as good in off-man coverage. He needs to go to a man cover team. With his speed, size and talent, he COULD be the next dominant CB. If a zone team takes him, he won't be. And in case you don't notice such things, PP made a name for himself playing CB BEFORE making a name for himself as a returner.

    Amukamara does not have great hips and his technique in off-man is sloppy. He's also big and fast for a college CB so he's been able to make up for it, but he's got some boom/bust on him. Which 1st rnd NFL draft caliber WR did Amukamara shut down in any type of coverage?

    And again, you suggest PP would be better at S simply because of his size. I guess Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett are the 2 best QB prospects because they are huge, right? (Wrong!)

  7. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Based on what? Certainly not workouts (you said they don't matter), scheme (you said it doesn't matter), or gamefilm (since they are playing in a scheme and you're evaluating 'pure talent.').

    Yes, you keep saying that but don't back up your words when challenged. You said he was only great his first year in Rex's scheme though the stats say you're wrong. You said it was all the scheme but don't seem to find stats suggesting all the DB's on their team are great because of that system. (Here's a hint - the other cb's on the Jets ARE NOT great - DESPITE the scheme.)

    Of course, perhaps you can enlighten us as to how scheme is irrelevant if a player - in YOUR WORDS - is great BECAUSE of it??!?!?!? OOPS!

    And one more thing, in 2009, in his first full season, PP held AJ Green to 4 catches and Julio Jones to 3 catches according to one draft site I looked at. Against the 2 best WR's in this draft, that's excellent. If someone was 'targetting' him as you suggest, I guess they didn't do a very good job! Or maybe that PP guy can actually PLAY!!!

  8. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Why is Gabbert on here? If you look at his passing metrics, there is nothing to suggest he'll be an elite NFL QB. In fact, they suggest the opposite - that he's more likely to bust and become this draft's Matt Leinart.

    Why is Ponder on here? If you go off his 2009 and don't include the last game against Clemson, I get it. But given his 2010 and injury concerns, not sure you can put him as a 1st rnd pick.

    You have Kendall Hunter rated that high?

    How is Watkins on your sleeper list? It's not like he's a projected 5th rnd pick. People had him rated highly going into the Senior Bowl and he only improved his draft stock. ONLY reason's he might not go where his play suggests is that OG's are under drafted and because of his age. But it's not like he's a sleeper...do you think?

  9. 24

    24 Starter

    Gabbert is the only one of the big four with any semblance of touch. I personally wouldn't draft him at #8, but he has the ability to succeed in the NFL. IMO, he was miscast in that spread offense. The spread doesn't emphasize the vertical game, and if you don't practice it, you won't execute it. Thus, his poor deep ball accuracy. I don't have numbers to back it up, I just watch the film. He has horrible instincts for his position, and his pocket presence is very poor. But, his release is quick, he has great balance within his release point, and reports say he's football intelligent.

    Ponder has proven his arm is healthy. I'm not marking him down for that.

    Yes, I have Kendall Hunter that high. I was very impressed with him at the Senior Bowl. He backed up his film by running 4.43. He's very instinctual, and he doesn't bounce to the outside. He will pound it inside, despite his size.

    Watkins may have moved up boards recently, I haven't really paid attention. Last I checked, it looked like many teams had third round grades on him, and they were grading him at left tackle. I'm projecting him at guard, and I think he can immediately start at guard in the NFL. There are others on that list that are moving up boards, like Gates, Acho, and Tolliver. I've watched film on all these guys. I start with lists from trusted sources, watch the film, and make my own list. The small school prospects are hard to tell where they are projected to go, they usually make their names in the offseason.
  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    So he has poor instincts and pocket presence but because he has goodbalance and nice touch under perfect circumstances...he's a 1st rnd pick? He may have football intelligence but he drastically under performed in an offense in which ANY 1st rnd QB should flourish in. Don't you have to question his worth given what you said AND his stats? Where would you draft him and what NFL qb do you think he'llbe like?

    I'm not marking him down for being injured, but it clearly affected his play to a degree so how much stock do you put in his senior season vs his much better jr season? If you take out the Clemson game from his jr season, he was amazing. But he was NOT amazing his sr year. So where do you have him rated and why?

    I like hunter but he's not a 1st rnd pick IMO simply because he doesn't drastically outplay someone you can get later. I like him though. And Watkins is one if the best OG's in the draft. I think 2nd or 3rd depending on how much teams put into the age thing.

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