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    Yep. The every year overvaluing of the Colts continues. One of the worst WR squads in the NFL but somehow they are going to win 12 games and the division. Who is Ryan going to throw to? One of the most overrated teams in the NFL year in and year out.
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  2. GoT

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    that combine has to be taken from indy.

    every nfl talking head has some familiarity with indy because of that and we all know how stupid and lazy nfl talking heads are
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    It’s all because of giant forehead and lucky charms.
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  4. HurrayTitans!

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    Ranking 2022 NFL offenses: A new team takes the crown after Chiefs, Packers trade star WRs
    • We used a weighted grading system where each team was given a 1-5 ranking (1 = terrible, 3 = average, 5 = elite) in the following areas: Quarterback, Play-Caller (head coach or offensive coordinator), Offensive Line, Pass-Catchers (WR/TE), and Running Backs.
    Titans rank 20.
    QB 3.5
    Play Caller 3.5 (no downing effect I guess)
    OL 3.5
    WE/TE 2.5
    RB 4.5
    Totals 17.5

    They openly explain the scores are weighted for QB being “most important”, so here’s that:
    Weighted 3.37
    Non QB 3.30

    slow around here so I figured I’d post. I don’t like any ranking that default ranks a team by QB but I honestly think Tennessee OFFENSE ONLY could rank anywhere from 10-25 considering rookies and question mark players.
    I think OL may be graded high, RB low, and play caller for sure high unless the other guy is really expected to move Downing out of the way.
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  5. HurrayTitans!

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    While I really don’t have beef with the offensive ranking, I think they’re way off on the defensive side.
    Ranking 2022 NFL defenses: Rams, Bills, Saints most likely units to crack the top 10

    “we're going to rank the league's defenses now that the player-acquisition portion of the offseason is mostly over. Rather than go through every team from 32-1 on this side of the ball like we did on offense, we're going to group the teams by how likely they are to finish the year among the league's top 10 defenses. “

    broke it down like this:
    Very unlikely
    Somewhat unlikely
    Somewhat likely
    Most likely

    they put Tennessee in somewhat unlikely.
    Based off last year and a mostly returning roster on D, can’t see any justification to not be at least somewhat likely.
    Clearly a case of zero awareness of Tennessee at all mentioning “not enough high level talent aside from Simmons and Byard”.
    Easily the 2 most likely household names, but I’d argue Byard isn’t even one of the top couple players currently and he’s still good.
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  7. jackson24

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    Bayard isn't even one of the top pairs of players these days and he's still good. With this I agree.
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  8. GoT

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    wish he was motivated enough to have played last game or 2 of 21 regular season... you know to prove stuff
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