2018 Will Be Titans 20th Anniversary

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    With the way things are going and how the team has improved if GM Jon Robinson continues to draft well i think this upcoming season we will make the postseason. However with another great free agency/draft class in 2018 the Titans could actually end up being Super Bowl favorites which will also be the teams 20th anniversary.

    I think a background with the sword in the middle with an X on both sides of the sword would be cool for the 20th anniversary. 1999 X X 2018

    Nothing would be cooler than topping off the 20th anniversary than with a Super Bowl title.

    Create a new ring of honor for the Titans and have a celebration and invite all the good players back to town.

    Roos,Bulluck,George,Kearse,Haynesworth,Stewart,Johnson,etc. and honor McNair and Bironas although they can't be there.

    As of now since 1999 through the present day the team is 146-142 overall and if they keep winning the next two years they will have a winning record for their first 20 years existence.

    The team has had winning seasons in 1999,2000,2002,2003,2007,2008,2011 and 2016.

    The longest the team has even had consecutive losing seasons is 4 years which is not bad at all especially since they are about to celebrate their 20th year as the Tennessee Titans.

    I've watched Titans football from the very start back in '99. I waited years for this area to get a team so when we finally did i was a diehard from the start.

    Overall i wouldn't trade it for anything and we have been a competitive team almost the whole time the team has been here. 2004/2005 and a decade later 2014/2015 were the main exceptions.

    We could've won titles in 1999,2000,2002,2003 and 2008.

    Sure we had a rough patch the past four years 2012-2015 been then bounced back and had a winning season this year. We had a tough four seasons but if you look at it we are quite lucky because there are plenty of teams that have been having problems way longer.

    Buffalo,Cleveland,Jacksonville,San Francisco,L.A. Rams,N.Y. Jets,Chicago,San Diego and New Orleans all have either had multiple losing seasons,years with no postseason,QB problems or ownership issues.

    Although i thought i'd never say this Indy are in danger due to having a subpar GM and ownership. They were 8-8 two years straight and although they have QB Andrew Luck his best years are being wasted similar to Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers.

    We've got our franchise QB as well as a new GM who has done really well and the future looks bright.

    More pieces will be added this offseason so although the team has just came off of a winning season they should continue having more if the quality of the roster improves.

    99 tn.jpg [​IMG] [​IMG] 0424JerseyLogo.jpg

    year one x 10th year xv 15th year xx 20th year

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    People always give Mike75 hard time for his thread length, but I usually enjoy what he has to say. Keep doing you, man.
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    I have always wondered, does that mean keep masterbaiting?
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    Maybe thats why he writes so much...Maybe he needs a woman
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    It's not even that much. Y'all must not read often.
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    Cheers for the double spacing.
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    I agree
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    Bironas and mcnair would be there, but they died of stupidity.
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