2017 NFL Draft: Day 2

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    I'm not a fan of giving Adoree offensive snaps unless they decide to turn him into a fulltime offensive player. I liked what he said in his intro to the press about being a cb first and that's what he needs to focus on. He's already a GREAT return man and that's where he'll make his biggest impact right away. He has huge upside and if somewhat protected while he learns, he could turn into a great cb in time. But there are two question marks with that. One is IF and the second is how long does it take? I agree he's not been purely focused on cb as much in college so we'll see how far he comes in one preseason as a rookie. He can make a lot of plays in zone coverage right now, but he'll need some time in man, off man, and press (where Ross got him to fall down without touching him). While Adoree isn't Lattimore right now, he has shown - even in games where he's been beaten (Washington) that he can make an adjustment and make impact plays to nullify some of his mistakes. Add in his return ability and you have a dynamic playmaker. but lock down CB from day 1? Big question mark. But he's got the mentality, athleticism, talent, and work ethic to get there.

    It may take Klug time to get back to where he was...assuming he comes all the way back. Who's gonna take his play as a sub rusher? Dodd? DQ? If Klug isn't ready from game 1, we'll have lost something in the pass rush!

    It'll be sure nice if you correctly predict Fournette is injury prone and runs too upright! If the Jags can adequately improve the OL, Fournette could have a big impact and really open up the playaction for Bortles down field!

    I like Watson, just not in this offense! But their D should be possibly historically good!!!

    We have upgraded the offense the most as well as special teams (the biggest achillies heel last year) with D lagging behind in a defensively LOADED draft. Time will tell the story, but JRob seems intent on spending (overspending to some - me included) for the guys he wants. If they all hit like Conklin...ok! but we are missing a lot of picks (talent) we could have had from the browns trade getting our 2 this year, to our 2nd round picks last year, to spending a 4th to move up for a player who I think would have been available at 100.

    For good or bad, we should have a much more exciting team this year to watch!
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    I'm not critizing the picks, the staff and scouts know the needs and prospects better than I do.

    I just checked out our day 2 picks this morning and I am surprised how heavy they went on offense.

    I was hoping we would get an upgrade at ILB and another corner. I agree with the comments about Adoree focusing on CB and he's going to be fun to watch on returns. No need to throw WR at him, we need him as a CB more than a trick play here or there.

    As far as no 2nd this year, and I like the Conklin pick but in hindsight it did cost us these players at positions of need as well. .


    Conklin was a good pick and with the day 2 picks this year seems we are building a decent offence with weapons for Mariota, and can't complain about that
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    Surely we're going to take a LB at some point right? I love that we've gotten Marcus a couple of toys now let's move on and get a couple of LBs, another CB and a OL and finish this strong.
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    I think blackson would take klugs place as a situational DL. Daquan offers little pass rush. Dodd would have to bulk up which may not be in the best interest as he has a John Ross syndrome in his foot.
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    Honestly- he was given the #1 overall pick and lots of cap room to start his GM-ship. That's a lot with which to work. We didn't have a 2nd round this year because we moved up to get Conklin. By the same review, Conklin has been here one year. Was he worth a #1 and #2- appears so, but let's not act like it was "magic mad" skills unique to JRob. He was given a lot to work with.

    He didn't do much with our secondary in FA before Ryan, and whiffed on WR's in FA. He drafts need over BPA- that much can be surmised in his 2 drafts thus far. At this point IMO, his good draft moves are a slight plus and his FA moves are a draw. I won't comment on this year's class until we see what we get out of the players he's picked up. We went nearly all offense thus far, passing on several high quality defensive players in a draft rich in defense.

    I'm hopeful his guidance pays off. I just think he's getting a lot of unearned love right now by fans desperate for change. And our 9-7 record is a lot of smoke. We stole at least two of those games and were given the win by the Texans (IMO). That's unlikely to happen again. So it bothers me when people point to "the improvement" and attribute that to JRob.
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    The Titans desperately needed guys on this roster to take pressure off the run game. Davis should do that soon.
    Just look at the roster changes from '15 to '16. There was a huge amount of turnover. All that is JRob.

    Mariota, Walker and Lewan were the ONLY starters on that offense in '15 who started in '16, right? And Lewan was out much of the end of '15.

    Wins are wins in the NFL. The Texans home win didn't mean anything but top teams in this league find ways to win. He's changed the mentality of this franchise in ONE year.

    He'll make mistakes but I doubt you can find many other GMs who have made as much impact in as short a time as JRob has so far.
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    Not knocking JRob. But by the same standards you and others have used- it's too early to go nuts over him. I do think the arrow is up and we'll at least have a more potent offense provided Mariota has no setbacks. And I guess that IS progress. But thus far he has invested and been much more successful on the offensive side of the ball than the defense.

    And lets also keep it real that Mariota was here already. Big plus as I attribute the change in the winning record to the fact that Mariota reads D's and gets rid of the ball quickly. That's not JRob. And that's how we snuck out a couple of those wins against Detroit and KC. And the Texans win was given to us. Only window lickers think that win meant anything. Admittedly, Murray definitely contributed to set up those wins- so yes, JRob has had SOME influence. Let's just not get carried away. Yet.
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    I'm not a big fan of drafting need over BPA.

    I think we will kick ourselves 3 years from now when we will say

    "We could have had Adams AND OJ Howard in the 2017 draft." Much like when we draft QB need Locker over JJ Watt.
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    Why does Mularkey get zero credit with all this as well? He gets hated on more than anyone and he's the one that actually changed the culture and implemented a system to take care of Mariflota.

    JRob gets all the homer love and nobody can say one slight word about him, he's the new golden child for tennessee homers.
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    I'm having trouble with this part bc JRob got us two extra 2nds and a 3rd for that trade, and decided to give up a future 2nd to grab his all-pro rookie. It's more like "Are Conklin, Henry, Dodd, Johnson, and Corey Davis combined worth a 1st and 2nd?"
    He also moved back a few spots in the 4th to land the RB who led the AFC in rushing last year.
    We also improved from 3 to 9 wins after his first offseason.
    I'm baffled by this JRob hate. Let the man work, he's done great so far and none of us can predict how these picks will turn out anymore than anyone could've guessed Conklin would have been All-Pro as a rookie.