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  1. ICBW

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    Reference post for free agent WR's for 2017, who would you like to realistically see the Titans sign? I'd like to see the Titans resign Kendall Wright, and attempt to sign Michael Floyd, Cordarrelle Patterson (special teams gem) & Kenny Stills.


    Alshon Jeffery WR 26
    Vincent Jackson WR 33
    Pierre Garcon WR 30
    DeSean Jackson WR 29
    Kenny Britt WR28
    Steve Smith WR 37
    Anquan Boldin WR 36
    Kamar Aiken WR 27
    Brandon LaFell WR 29
    Michael Floyd WR 26
    Ted Ginn Jr. WR31
    Kendall Wright WR26
    Andre Holmes WR 28
    Cordarrelle Patterson WR25
    Brian Quick WR 27
    Russell Shepard WR 26
    Jaron Brown WR26
    Terrelle Pryor WR27
    Justin Hunter WR25
    Robert Woods WR24
    Eric Weems WR 31
    Devin Hester WR 33
    Cecil Shorts WR 28
    Jordan Norwood WR 30
    Jeremy Kerley WR 27
    Deonte Thompson WR 27
    Rod Streater WR 28
    Greg Salas WR 28
    Brandon Tate WR 29
    Bryan Walters WR 28
    Marc Mariani WR 29
    Andre Roberts WR 28
    Arrelious Benn WR 28
    Terrance Williams WR 27
    Marquise Goodwin WR 25
    Markus Wheaton WR 25
    Stedman Bailey WR 25
    Aldrick Robinson WR 28
    Griff Whalen WR 26
    Quinton Patton WR 26
    Brenton Bersin WR 26
    Kenny Stills WR 24
    Brice Butler WR 26
    Marquess Wilson WR 24
    Michael Johnson WR 25
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  2. VondyP

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    kendall i'd like to resign since he has some rapport with mariota. then either alshon or pryor. dont think we need more than that outside of the draft.
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  3. rekirts

    rekirts Starter

    Alshon Pryor are the best two imo.

    Otherwise you're looking to get some value with a guy like Floyd or Aiken... meh
  4. Mitch86

    Mitch86 Starter

    Resign Wright and go after Alshon, maybe.

    Guys like Douglas and Andre Johnson could also be gone. (Should be) Might need a lot of help at WR. Probably pick up players in the draft vs free agents though.
  5. ICBW

    ICBW Starter

    I would like to sign Alshon but I just don't see Tennessee being a strong enough option for him considering the money he wants along with his injury history. Plus Jon Robinson coming from the Pats means most likely he gets cheap players who he can maximize their talents and at the same time compliment Mariota.
  6. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    1) Alshon Jeffrey
    2) Terrelle Pryor
    3) intrigued a little by Michael Floyd
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  7. steverife

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    Seems like a pretty thin class. KW might demand some money. :(
  8. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    Re-sign Wright
    Alshon Jeffrey
    Terrelle Pryor
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  9. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Starter

    Jeffery and Pryor are easily the best choices.

    Agree on resigning KW for the report, plus he's a slot guy, not really competing with Jeffery/Pryor.

    Kenny Stills may have some talent, but wouldn't be that #1 we're looking for. Same for Floyd.

    I do like the idea of Wheaton, Patterson or even Desean Jackson. Wheaton and Jackson could be that deep threat we need. Not #1 guys, but similar to what Washington did for us a few years back.

    Patterson would also be an upgrade in the ST which I know a lot have complained about, but even as a Mariani defender here, Patterson is better.
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  10. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    Im interested in Patterson as well, he's been more involved in the Minny offense recently and a decent returner. Maybe the light is finally coming on?
    Goodwin has some speed as well....both only 25 yrs old
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