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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by yanek27, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Just wanted to let you guys know I am unable to go to most of my games this year. Got a job down in Clarksville, but because of a situation will have to wait until next year. I got season tickets in 125 row U. I have 2 seats by one another. Most of the games are just over face value so I thought I would post here to get Titan fans in LP.

    1. Rams $60 total for both seats
    2. Vikings $40 total for both seats

    Jags $150 for both seats
    Texans $150 for both seats
    Raiders $175 for both seats
    Falcons $175 for both seats
    Dolphins- SOLD
    Colts- SOLD
    Panthers $175 for both
    Bills $175 for both

    I would send these free USPS Priority with tracking. These do not come in until end of July.
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