2014 Quarterback Class

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tennessy XO, Jun 18, 2013.

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    They are both made of glass the difference is one has done something and the other hasn't. The comparison is still a terrible one.
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    Honestly I was looking at this class and I am no longer as impressed with it as I was when the season started.
    - Bridgewater is a stud but I don't think he is an elite QB prospect. I think he'll have a good NFL career for the Texans but I doubt that he'll be killer to play against.
    -- Jonny Manzeil is an amazing college QB but the NFL is ruled by traditional drop back passers. Most of Manzeil's highlight are made because he is an amazing athlete and I doubt that will be the case on an NFL field. Between his playing style and his size I do not think that he will have a long career due to injuries (a la Michael Vick).
    -- Derrick Carr is a good prospect but he needs to legitimize himself against a strong defense. Fresno States' bowl game against USC will determine a big part about where he goes in the draft
    -- Blake Bortles is another good prospect but he has the same competition question mark that Carr has. True he beat Louisville but the Cardinals' success is 100% built on Bridgewater not their defense. If he has a bad game against Baylor then he risks falling into the 2nd - 3rd round.
    -- McCarron didn't take a step forward like I though he would so I doubt he goes in day 1 or 2
    -- Mettenberger and Murray were both late 1st - 2nd round guy to me before they tore their ACL's so who knows what to expect from them.

    Now that Petty, Hundley, Mariota, and Hogan are returning (also Bortles has't offically declared yet) this class has gone from great to okay IMO. It is defiantly a far cry from the amazing QB class we all were expecting and I no longer believe we can find a franchise signal caller in the 2nd round. This might mean we need to go QB round 1 if we believe Locker is done and we do not get Cutler.
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    358 yards and two TDs in a three-point loss to South Carolina. I looked that up on my phone and the page didn't have a column for INTs, so I don't know if he threw any in that game.
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    I forgot he played South Carolina. I didn't watch the game but the went 25/36 358 yards 2 TDs ans 2 Ints. That's a pretty good statline but I'd have to watch the game for context. If Bortles comes up big against Baylor I think he's a first round pick and I wouldn't mind drafting him.

    UCF/Baylor and Fresno/USC are the two ost interesting bowl games IMO when it comes to QB's
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    Greg is really smart and AJ has a hot GF. Seems to be the huge difference.
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    Yeah and let's not forget size, arm strength, accuracy, athleticism, decision making and well...just better overall.
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    Bortles went 20-27 for 288 yards, 3 TD's and 1 pick against Penn State.

    Penn State had/has a pretty weak secondary, but they definitely aren't CUSA. They have NFL talent up front.
  8. Tennessy XO

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    Bortles and Bridgewater are thinking about staying.

    The QB class is sinking and if that is the case nobody worth a damn slides to us.
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