2014 NFL Draft Prospects

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xpmar9x, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Tahj Boyd is my favorite QB in this class, if we are in the top 10 and going QB he's who I want us to take. But if by some stroke of luck Clowney or the kid from Clemson are there, we take our pass rusher first round.

    I agree with you guys about Murray, not becuase I think he's our franchise QB necessarily, but because his skill set is SO much like Locker's. He really reminds me of Jake a lot, but probably a little more accurate, and most importantly he wins.
  2. ScotTitan

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    Mock Offseason
    I am not gonna predict the next head coach, but this is a mock based on Lockers return next year.

    FA Signing:
    JustinTuck: We need a passer rusher opposite Morgan. Tuck and Jared Allen will be the two big DE on the market in the offseason, we need one or the other. Tuck is slightly younger and faster.

    QB: Rusty is gone, will need a third QB.

    Vet CB: I like our defense a lot this year, but we need a few vets to help with Pollard and the leadership. Having Pollard, Tuck and say a Tillman will give us that.

    Vet RB: We are keeping CJ and Greene next year, we need a 3rd back. Felix Jones or even an enigmatic return of Blount!
    Cut/Waive/Release/Boot: Stewart, Fitzpatrick, Wimbley, Britt, Walter,Battle, Mariani.

    Resign Verner, Williams, Pollard, Otto, The Pit, Mookie
    Verner and Pollard are vital.

    The new head coach likes Locker and gives him a season to prove it.

    Trade our 1st pick(10 again) to Arizona for their 1st(16), 3rd and 4th. Arizona moves up for Manziel or Bortles.

    1. Rashede Hageman DT Minn
    Should have taken Lotutlei last year. Guy is a beast and the combo of him and Casey would be phenomenal.

    2. Brandon Scherff OT Iowa
    Say hello to ur new RT for the next 10 years. Top run blocker, when Warmack decides to man up we can run all day on the right.

    3. Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
    Slides to the 3rd round due to a strong WR class. Britts direct replacement, big and physical. Exactly what we need.

    4. AJ Johnson MLB Tenn
    Fokou is a stop gap and McCarthy has been okay. We will need some competition at LB. CBS has him list 3/4 round.

    4. David Fales QB Iowa
    Aim to pick up a mid round QB. I like Fales alot, he is tough and extremely accurate. McCarron and Murray might be gone a round before. Fales is a great prospect.

    5. Colt Lyeria TE Oregon
    Drugs? Wouldn't be the first ever NFL player to have ever over indulged at college. Whatever...the guy is a weapon, and will light up the combine, but will drop due to character concerns.

    6. Ben Gardner DE Stanford
    Bad Injury, total flyer

    7. Marquis Flowers OLB Arizona
    Speedy linebacker, Ayers I am watching you!!

    I will probably change my mind and take a QB in the first closer to draft time, but its fun to pretend that Locker is our franchise QB just for another year. We would be stacked both sides of the ball.
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    I like them both. Jake is much more of an athlete than Murray, not that Murray is a bad athlete, just think Jake is far more superior and its more a part of Jakes game than it is Murrays. Jake has a much stronger arm than Murray. Murray, imo, is more refined. His anticipation for routes and windows opening, day one is much better than Jakes. Imo, if not for his injury, he would be more ready to step in day 1 than Jake was day 1, by a long shot because he played in a pro style system for 4 years at Georgia. Jake had at least 2 offensive systems in college. He was kind of raw coming in. Murray is an athlete, but his game is nowhere near as raw as Jakes, who is still learning on the fly imo
  4. Renfro95

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    Mel Kiper up in here. lol
  5. xpmar9x

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    Quick Mock Off-Season:

    Head Coach: David Shaw (Gregg Williams DC)
    Resign: Verner, Pito, & Pollard
    Release: Wimbley, Stevens, Locker & Stewart
    FA: Jared Allen & backup TE

    1st Round: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno St
    2nd Round: Corey Robinson, OT, South Carolina
    3rd Round: XXX
    4th Round: Best LB available
    5th Round: Best OT available
    6th Round: Best RB available

    We're now set. We move on from the Locker/Munch era. Shaw comes in and is given his first HC chance, he's impressed me at Stanford and is offensive minded. Carr can make all the throws and with Shaw grooming him, I believe we'll finally have our franchise QB. Carr is projected Top-10 however. Robinson provides a Day 1 starter at RT (fighting with Otto), as we release Stewart (this highest paid RT in the NFL). Roos expires after next year and Robinson is a potential starter at LT then. We also pickup a 5th Round OT, who sits for a year, but may have the chance at a starting tackle spot year two. Our 4th round LB is depth for McCarthy/Fouku. Then we pray we find a Stacy/Morris with our 6th round RB selection. We however do keep CJ, as I just don't see the Titans releasing him. Defensively we turn it over to Gregg Williams. Casey is a monster and now paired with Jared Allen, a proven DE and the pass rusher we lack, even at his age. All our starters returner (besides maybe MLB).
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    What do you guys think of taking a TE? Not TE ( Titans Eternal ) but a Tight End. A good receiving one. Delainie Walker has been solid for us but there is nothing after him.
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  7. Zappa71

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  8. The Hammer

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    Why did you change your name?
  9. Zappa71

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    You know what, I'd be down with that...however it's a pipe dream as we all know Locker will be back for at least one more season. But I want munch and his buddy bruce GONE. Soon. Like tommmorow.
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  10. Zappa71

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    afcsouthdom sucks.
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