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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xpmar9x, Apr 30, 2013.

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    well hopefully he don't get faster and we can get him in the 2nd but I doubt it leading rusher in the nation last year had over 120 yards vs Stanford whos top 5 rush d in the nation dudes a beast plus he grew up around me, not that I know him but I know plenty of people whoi know him so thatd be kinda cool
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    Gut Pro Bowler

    With the NFL (rightfully) questioning the long term value of running backs and whether they should be taken in round 1, I think the trend will be take an elite explosive rb (ala CJ or Jamaal Charles) or a mamouth RB with speed.

    I think a great RB with avg speed will go bottom 1-2 depending on team needs and who drafts where. He reminds me of Emmitt Smith's skill set. Not saying he's gonna be a HOF'r or anything, just he has similar attributes. Also, unlike some of the other backs that mostly are speed backs playing in spread offenses where they can just run away from ppl, Carey runs out of heavy formations too and is just as good between the tackles. Very good player! Depending on his speed, I think he goes somewhere between 2nd and 3rd rounds and will be a steal for someone (especially if they have an OL and a good QB).

    Right now I'd guess Seastrunk goes ahead of him if he runs as fast as I expect.

  3. anthony c.

    anthony c. Camp Fodder

    I think an underrated player that should be posted is Jonathan Querisma out of Troy University. Watching spring ball he has a real physical presence and outstanding leaping ability. Due to some off field situations I believe his film limitage is the only thing keeping his stock at the level it is. Great break on the ball when in the air. We need more cover guys in the secondary with this coming years draft picks, I definitely wouldnt mind him being one of them.
  4. anthony c.

    anthony c. Camp Fodder

    Calvin Pryor(Louisville) is also a name we should keep close. Pryor and Querisma (Troy) both attended high school in northwest florida region. Pryor is a great physical specimen. The guy can really move at 213 lbs and help with run support. He would be a great rover in our scheme. Big time hitter and plays ball in air at high point. I believe he would go before Querisma at this point. I would classify Pryor as a run stopper with some ball skills, and Querisma more of a man to man cover guy.
  5. tnfan47

    tnfan47 Let's Get It

    Not another RB from arizona.
  6. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    totally different guy than henry....henry was never even close to as good as carey was last year and is this year.
  7. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    **Offseason Plan**
    We're basically a 1/3 through the season. I'll probably do another 2/3s in and then another during the off-season.

    Our Free agents: Kevin Walter, Chris Spencer, Damian Williams, Rusty Smith, Alterraun Verner, Marc Mariani, Robert Turner, Darius Reynauld, Kenny Britt, Bernard Pollard, Ropati Pitoitua, Jackie Battle, Antonio Johnson, & Michael Otto.

    Resignings: Damian Williams, Alterraun Verner, Marc Mariani, Bernard Pollard, Ropati Pitoitua, and Michael Otto.

    Cuts: Chris Johnson (3yr/29mil), Kamerion Wimbley (3yr/24.9mil), David Stewart (1yr/6.4mil), and Craig Stevens (1yr/4.4mil) -- result: $28.6 mil off the books

    Free Agent Targets:
    RBs: Rashard Mendenhall, Ben Tate, Joique Bell, & Maurice Jones-Drew
    OTs: Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe, Brandon Albert, & Jared Veldheer
    CBs: Antoine Cason, Charles Tillman, Tim Jennings, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Sam Shields, Vontae Davis, Brandon Verner, DeAngelo Hall, and Aqib Talib
    DEs: Greg Hardy, Michael Johnson, Jared Allen, Justin Tuck, and Michael Bennett
    LBs: Wesley Woodyard, Pat Angerer, Brandon Spikes, Jonathan Vilma, Mark Herzlich, Dan Connor, Donald Butler, & JoLonn Dunbar

    Note: Although we save a ton by the cuts, I don't want to go out and spend it all. Reason is we have Jake Locker, Nate Washington, Michael Roos, George Wilson, Akeem Ayers, Jurrell Casey, and Karl Klug hitting free agency after next year.

    Note: We must resign the players listed above mostly Verner, Pollard, and Pitoitua. Our #1 needs would then be: OT, DE, MLB, and RB/CB depth. I have a feeling Shonn will impress us when he returns. Our line is built for a one-cut RB, not a speed back like CJ. I'd love to pickup a vet NB, somebody like Tillman - but I don't think we can invest a ton of money in CB with Verner/McCourty being locked up. Hopefully Sensabaugh impresses me these final 10 games.

    1st Round (#19) - Trent Murphy, DE Stanford, 6'6 261
    2nd Round - Offensive Tackle (haven't studied enough OTs to know who)
    3rd Round - **Traded in '13 draft to move up for Hunter**
    4th Round - Marion Grice, RB, Arizona St
    5th Round - Austin Wentworth, OT, Fresno St
    6th Round - Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois
    7th Round - Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB/S, Nebraska

    Draft gives us a pass-rusher, we now have Morgan, Pito, Murphy, & Edwards to rotate at DE. 2nd round OT is asked to come in right away and replace Sterwart, potentially replace Roos the following year. Grice + Greene handle the running game. Wentworth is another OT to develop for a year, with the potential of seeing playing time year #2. Garoppolo is Rustys replacement, then potential #2 QB (with Fitz expiring) in year 2. Jean-Baptiste is a hard hitting 6'2 CB. We love our late round CBs, lets see if we can find a gem. Draft leaves us needing a MLB, as I don't trust McCarthy of Fouku, perhaps switch ZB to MLB and Gooden starts OLB. Main free agent targets: MLB, OLB, vet #3 RB, & cheap vet CB.
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    First I would try and cut Chris Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Craig Stevens, Kamrion Wimbley, and David Stewert which would clear up about 25 million dollars.

    After that we need to try and bring down Michael Griffin's and Jason McCourty's cap numbers by restructuring their deals which should clear another 4-5 million off of our cap number.

    Re-sign: Damien Williams, Bernard Pollard, Alturaan Verner, and Big Po.

    Free Agents: Michael Bennett, Brandon Spikes, Ahmad Bradshaw

    Round 1: James Hurst, OT, UNC -- A day one starter for our OL that can swing to LT once Roos starts to falter
    Round 2: Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU -- With Locker going into his FA year we need to take out an insurance policy in case he fails. Mettenberger has really improved this season and has a big arm that can get the ball to our talent WR core.
    Round 3: traded to the 49ers
    Round 4: Charlie Sims, HB, West Virginia -- Sims is a talented back with amazing receiving skills who should complement Shonn Greene very well.
    Round 5: Best DE/S/OT available
    Round 6: Best DE/S/OT available
    Round 7: Best DE/S/OT available
  9. Fry

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    Deserves it's own thread.
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