2014 NFL Draft: Pick #11 - OT Taylor Lewan

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, May 8, 2014.

  1. The Hammer

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    Is that "Fire Whiz" thread still around? One of the biggest thread fails ever.

    Do not like the pick his boss made in the first round so I want him fired before he ever coaches a game.
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  2. Tennessy XO


    Lol dude hasn't coached his first game.

    "Fire his ass!!!"

    For taking the BPA at one of the top 3 important positions on the entire team...

    Like Web didn't pull the trigger there.
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  3. The Hammer

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    And a position where we will be in need in after next season. A very prudent move.
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    I would draft Alex Smith, I think he was put in the wrong atmosphere, and if he would have been drafted in a position where he wasn't starter day one, he would have been more successful in San Francisco. Look at him in KC, he's flourishing. 23 TD's 7 INT's 89.1 rating.

    I agree with the others, but I would roll the dice on a QB like Smith. However, I would also have the knowledge to know that there are almost no QB's you can expect to draft to be the day one starter and lead your team.
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    Dude, you're hilarious! To you, if the professionals make a mistake it's proof they're no better than a random dude on the street, but when you make a horrible prediction (how is Ricky Stanzi these days?) it's an honest mistake... And mind you, you only make predictions on a handful of players every year, the scouts have to make predictions on +200 every year.

    As for your actual statement, how can you possibly claim that they don't know more than we do, when they have access to more video than we do, as well as team doctor physicals and interviews? Unless of course you happen to have access to those too, in which case I urge you to share it with the rest of us.

    Now, if you were to argue that scouts aren't smarter than everyone else, I'd agree with you, but to say they don't know more than we do is ridiculous.
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    I believe my initial reaction to the Lewan pick was an N followed by a long string of O's and exclamation points but the reason why I had such a negative reaction is because I strongly felt that we should take either Carr or Bridgewater at 11 even though it would be considered a reach by many and instead we ended up with another OL. As I understand it however, I am in the minority of people who wanted to take a QB in the first so I don't really get how people who didn't want a QB could consider Lewan a bad pick given his value. The only position worth reaching for in that particular spot was a QB but we chose not to go that route and Lewan presents great value.

    What really helped me get over not getting Carr is the Mettenberger pick. This dude's arm talent is off the charts. It's not about the cannon (which he has) it's about the accuracy and nice amount of touch he puts on his throws. Dude's tape is loaded with NFL quality throws towards the sidelines and through tight but not too tight windows. The injury history worries me more than the character concerns. At worst the guy smokes weed and grabs women's asses or ******* when drunk, hardly a sociopath. If the guy can keep his nose clean the future might be bright.
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  7. Deuce Wayne

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    Problem here is: I make fare fewer mistakes and wrong picks than these "experts".

    Again... meet a scout. You'll know they're average dudes that just had the right connection. They know sh*t.
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    Ok, maybe this all about reading comprehension. You do realize that I referred to quality and not quantity. How many 7th Rd. LTs start for teams currently?
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    So you know a scout and he is a scout because he has connections? That automatically makes all scouts dumbasses that know nothing. Of course they are normal people. Did someone think they were robots or aliens?! Yes, they get things wrong. But as has been pointed out, they have far more in depth looks into players than your internet research can give. You pretend to know more about everything than everyone in every aspect. Get over yourself.
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  10. titans92790

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    Idk that's a tough question. Do you know how many 1st rd LTs start for teams currently?