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    he went over 100 yards 5 times last year. Once in garbage time with an 80 yard run against the bears. The other teams he went for 100 against, Houston, the Bills, Miami, and the Jets(94 yard run and ended up with 122) yards. The only team he played well against that had a good defense was Houston...do you really think that we need to pay him that much if he only goes for over 100 5 times? once in garbage and 4 of the 5 against poor defenses?

    That amounted with the number of carries and the beating he has already took in his career, the money we could save if we did trade him(although its unlikely we sign someone big in FA anyways, we could hope) draft another younger back and save a ton due to the rookie contracts the the cba and get someone with a team first attitude instead of a me first
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    Again, (coming from a CJ hater) - look at the offensive line.. 32nd in the NFL. No RB is going to dominate behind this line, yet CJ still put up 1200 yards.
  3. xpmar9x

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    ***from my post in the off-season thread***

    My Dream Off-Season:

    free agents: Andy Levitre, Dom Rodgers-Cromartie, & Chris Ivory
    resign: Velasco
    release: Amano

    Draft Trade: Trade back to the 12-15 range and still get Warmack (but @ #16, Rams would take him). I'm still hoping that TB, CAR, or NOLA (13-15) are looking to trade up for a fallen defensive guy (Milliner/Jarvis). We then offer our 1st & 3rd for their 1st & 2nd. We trade back a few spots, and still get our #1 guy (Warmack), plus add in a mid 2nd rounder. We lose our 3rd, but it's likely that we'll get a 3rd or 4th for Finny. Last year Seattle traded their 1st (12) for Eagles 1st (15), 4th, and 6th. If we send our first, plus a 3rd, we could net a 1st/2nd.

    1st -- Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    2nd -- Matt Elam, SS, Florida
    2nd -- Kawann Short, DT, Purdue
    3rd -- Malliciah Goodman, DE, Clemson
    4th -- Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU
    5th -- Michale Buchanan, DE, Illinois
    6th -- Rex Burkhead, RB, Nebraska
    7th -- Kyle Juszczyk, FB, Harvard

    We now have a solid OL: Roos - Levitre - Velasco - Warmack - Stewart. This should help our entire offense in an unbelievable fashion. Matt Elam provides the "swagger"/hard hitting safety we need. Kawann Short comes in 6'3 310. Warmack, Elam, Short all 3 can be starters year one. Casey/Short/Martin is a solid trio. Goodman is 6'4 272, with an 87" Wingspan (insane) & Buchanan is 6'5 252. These two will provide solid young depth for Wimbley/Morgan. Mathieu will come in fighting with TC & Sensabaugh for playing time. Verner is a FA after this year, well have DRC/McCourty on contract. If he leaves, Tyrann could be our starting NB year 2, in the meantime.. he'd be a great special teams player and see limited defensive field time, low risk/high reward for a 4th. Burkhead fights with Harper for a roster spot, #3 RB spot. Juszczyk is interesting, noticed him in Sr Bowl pratice. He's projected 7th-UFA, he's a 6'3 245 FB/TE/, also lined up in the slot in the Sr Bowl. He has 125 catches for 1576 yards, and 22 TDs in his Harvard Career... FB in the NFL. Fights with Mooney & QJ for our FB position. Our defense can completely change, Short/Elam/Tyrann all have that swagger and high motor mentality we need. Pair with a healthy McCarthy (who has the same traits) and the improving ZB, Ayers, Morgan, & Casey.. plus a true #1 CB (DRC) we could be MUCH better (although you can get much worse).

    This off-season is very realistic, just not for the Titans. :-(
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  4. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Quick question on how he gets those yards tho.

    Will he be consistent 3 yard runner that we can count on on a third down situation or will he be the : (2, -5,)( 1, 3) (-2, 0) (1, 4) ( 3, -2,) .... 65...

    Imagine each of these sets as his first and second down runs, that's what we are about to be going back to. Run run pass.

    So first set 2, -5 ... 3rd and 13?

    1, 3 - 3rd and 6

    -2, 0 ... 3rd and 12

    1, 4 ... 3rd and 5

    3, -2 ... 3rd and 9

    We serious.y can't have those types of runs because those third and long are going to eat us alive. Expecting him to get back to 20 carries, if half of his runs are like this, we are toast.

    We need solid 3 yard running per play, NOT HIS OVERBLOWN AVERAGE.

    These are of course ugly numbers and such but I'm just making a point.

    Those 10 carries accounted for 14 plus yards and 9 negative yards. 5 yards total. You can't sustain drives like this.

    So now we double these numbers for the second half. 10 yards total and he hits a 65 yard TD.

    75 yards on 20 carries lets say. So he now has a +3 yard average... And everyone's happy about his flashy play and we still lost by 21 plus points.

    That's what I'm scared of.
  5. FLA Titans Fan

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    Love the idea. Only thing that isnt addressed id the depth at LB. If we could do that through FA This draft Is like you said "Realistic"

    Also funny that you have us drafting Rex. No one take this the wrong way but if he wasnt white he wound be a top 3 back in this class. Say what you want but this guy is a stud. He obv is good between the tackles but if you watch some cut-ups on him he can get outside in the zone blocking. Love him out of the backfield and as a pass protecter. I WANT THIS GUY ON OUR TEAM! The FB from harvard looks good too. The other HB/FB from rice at the Senior Bowl looks pretty good Ill have my I on them both

    Love the Ideas good stuff
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    Go look at APs yards each rush. You'll be shocked.
  7. Ensconatus

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    Carries per rush bruh? Lol
  8. xpmar9x

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    hahahahaha uhhhhhhhhhhhh... yeah!
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    I love the trade down and all the picks apart from the DE's. I don't like Buchanan at all, too skinny and has zero moves! Goodman is a better fit, but if Dantone Jones from UCLA is there in the 3rd, I'd be all over that. Maybe we trade our 3rd and 5th and try to sneak into the bottom of the 2nd and take a chance on Hunt or maybe Okafor might drop.

    Warmack, Short and Elam would make great Titans IMO.

    Edit: I just noticed that 3rd's a comp pick and cant be traded, sorry.
  10. LoneWolf

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    How do you guys feel about the standouts from the Senior Bowl practices?

    Some of my favorites:
    DL Datone Jones, UCLA
    DL Alex Okafor, Texas
    RB Mike Gillislee, Florida
    OL Larry Warford, Kentucky
    DL John Jenkins, Georgia
    DB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State
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