2013 Cortland Finnegan

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    Many on here predicted that this would be a bounce back season for Griff.
  2. Deuce Wayne

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    Griffin deal paying off?

    Uh.... No.

    He's playing "solid"... FINALLY. Now that he's been asked to do far less as a player.

    That doesn't come close to warranting his contract.

    I'm as glad as anyone to see him finally tackling again, but he's playing average. Much better than he was, but still... just average.
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    DW spot freakin' on!
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    Finnegan looks like a shadow of himself up there. I think he realises he got on the wrong bus. Were it not for the name on the back of the jeresy when you watch some of the games you would never believe its the same guy.
    The fact that the secondary is playing pretty well as a group and that even Griffin is starting to look just about average means that Finnegan's name has been off the front page here and that everyone has in some ways kind of forgotten him.
    He's playing mediocre ball for a mediocre team , despite what their roster chart says , with a guy running the joint that coaches mediocre football. I hope his deal keeps him warm at night and soothes his concience.
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    I'm a Finn Fan but he lacked that burst of speed he once had. He was like a gnat on receivers up to the final year he was here.

    Maybe he was hurt because the drop-off was dramatic.