2012′s draft could be quarterback nirvana

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Daves not here, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I was like you before the draft. I wanted to draft Fairley, and hope for Luck, Jones, or Barkley next year. But, they say the same thing every year. Chances are either Barkley or Jones stays another year. Why compete for second when you could wait one year and compete for first?

    The only surefire prospect is Luck. Barkley's arm isn't as strong as once thought. He struggles to throw spirals, and considering the talent around him, should be playing better. Jones has the arm, but he is as immobile as they come. You could compare him to Mallett in that sense.

    They can both read defenses pretty well (Jones better than Barkley), but as physical skills go, Locker has them both beat. I think Locker has the ability to throw just as accurately as Jones if only he can learn to make his progressions faster.
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    ya i aint sold on them either although i think there will be 3 or 4 good qb in next year draft class but i aint sold on luck being the #1 pick either depending on who gets the pick....
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    Locker cannot throw the ball as well as Luck.
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    Luck cannot throw the ball as well as Locker.

    I don't get why people post like this.
    I think Locker can throw with higher velocity and further down the field then Luck.
    I think most scouts would agree that Locker has elite arm strength.

    Luck has a good arm too, but I to my eye I don't think he has an elite arm.
    I think Jones and Tanneyhill have the best arms in the upcoming draft class.
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