2008 Tennessee Titans Draft Analysis

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  1. Gut

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    You must be kidding! lol You mentioning only his 'avg' number of sacks as a measure of his worth is WORSE than simply giving his size and speed...but neither is sufficient. How many draftniks do you know who ONLY look at a player's size and speed? REALLY!

    Pretty simple...he didn't play against top competition, he played at a tiny school, he doesn't have prime size (at 6'2 he's a little short for even LB) or weight (258lbs is light for a DE), is 3 years removed from wrecking his knee so he only has 2 years of real stats and Kiper doesn't know what he's talking about half the time if it's not a prospect in everyone's top 100.

    GBN? At least Draft Countdown is decent stuff.

    All DE's under 270lbs MIGHT be a 3-4 type OLB type.

    Yeah, coming off 2005 when he blew out his knee (3rd game in so he was back in less than a year), his 2006 season sucked(?) with 57 tackles (25 solos), 6.5 sacks, with 13 stops for losses and two pressures. He also recovered two fumbles, caused another, picked off a pass, and blocked a punt that he recovered for a 12-yard return. Yeah, that sucks coming back less than a year from hurting his knee.

    And how was 2007? The 2007 All-American led the nation with seven forced fumbles and tied for 10th nationally with a team-high 19 stops for losses. That's not just Division II...that's NATIONALLY!

    He added 8.5 sacks and 78 tackles (46 solos). 78 tackles sucks? And that's the second highest total on his entire team.

    He also set a school record with two touchdowns on four fumble recoveries, and added three pass break-ups.[/quote]

    For comparison, Gholston had 8.5 sacks in 2006, 15 stops for losses, added a quarterback pressure with two pass breakups and an interception. He also finished sixth on the squad with 49 tackles (21 solo). Does that suck?

    In 2007, Gholston had 37 tackles (25 solo), with 15.5 stops for losses and 14 sacks. He also scooped up a fumble and returned it for a 25-yard touchdown.

    Of course Gholston had more sacks and played in a much higher level of competition, but Gholston was a top 10 pick and Hayes was aquired in the 4th rnd. Point is, Hayes was dominant and explosive against his level of competition and his physical numbers compare to Gholston who's the best pass rusher in the draft. Of course being a great DE is a lot more than just having the right size and speed and there's no guarantee that even Gholston will be as good as the Jets hope (though I think he will). But taking a gamble on a player like Hayes in rnd 4 is a good idea...not a bad one - even if we had to give up a 5 as well to get him. It's worth the gamble.

    Unfortantely, the Titans have been taking these gambles in the 1st/2nd rnds in the past (Woolfolk, Calico), not the 4th like they should!

    Lets' hope it works out.

    And you can knock it off!:hyper:

  2. The Playmaker

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    Lavelle Hawkins hasn't been talked about much. He seems as if he could become a very good WR. If you would've asked me halfway through the college season last year I thought he would've been drafted at least in the 2nd round. He might have been in Desean Jackson's shawdow at Cal. but I think he has the tools to become a starter within 2 years. Not to mention he's been compared to Mason which isn't bad.
  3. RollTide

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    Gut WTF? By your own admission hayes is under sized and has a history of significant injury. Coming from a small school is a reason he is over looked in the earlier rds but not a reason to be completely ignored. Mel kiper doesn't automatically ignore all small school players.

    I have no problem drafting this kid in the 4th rd it just irks me that we used our 5th to move up. Looking back we would have had much better value drafting an end in rd 1 and then moving up to get tashard choice in rd 4.
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