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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by TitanJeff, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.

    yes he was... Tennessee deserved to lose that game

    sometimes it's just streetball out there with them
  2. I thought Vandy was getting killed on the foul calls at times, but it was a great game. Memorial Magic, baby...
  3. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    SEC just has the worse refs. Horrible calls on both sides and very inconsistent. They would go a stretch where they wouldn't call anything and then they start calling everything. Vandy still would have won because mentally UT just wasn't there tonight, but still frustrating.
  4. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I agree. The refs seemed to call it very tight. Both teams got frustrated. They loosened it a bit then appeared inconsistent down the stretch.

    Saw the nurse on just before the start of the second half. If you sat to her left, you were cut off or gone to get popcorn.
  5. dg1979us

    dg1979us Pro Bowler


    I think the memorial magic is the ridiculous set up of the floor. Why they cant put the benches on the sideline is beyond me.

    Anyway, Tennessee doesnt impress me. Im not sure they are any more than a sweet 16 team.
  6. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    The big giant elbow next to the little white haired lady, my aunt, was me. The nurse is embarrassed a bit by the cud chewing gum.

    Vandy won because they played better. There isn't a dominant team out there and if UT doesn't impress you, so be it. But they still have the best RPI by far and are still in line for a deserved #1 seed. Guess it is better to be hunted rather than being the hunter.

    Last night to me proved that the best basketball this year is played in the state of Tennessee.
  7. The sidelines sit below the floor, so sure.. if you want the players climbing steps to get to the court like they do in Minnesota, let's put the benches on the sidelines...

    SEC teams are used to playing with the benches on the baseline. The ones who have to adjust are the non-SEC teams who have never played there before. It doesn't really affect the game being played.
  8. I'd also like to point out that the Vandy fans didn't storm the court afterwards (which was as big a shock to me any anyone else). Maybe beating #1 teams is old hat by now... :))
  9. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter


    They couldn't storm the court if they wanted to. Well before the buzzer sounded, there were a line of police on the student side. They "roped" off in front of it and then started to take pictures of everyone. I guess they do that so they can identify anyone if they did storm. Even with that, there were a few that tried only to be detered by security. I've never sat that close at a game, but the amount of police walking around surprised me.
  10. After last year with Florida, they probably took some better precautionary measures. But with that many students, I doubt they could have stopped them if enough wanted onto the court.

    When you have a heated rivalry like Vandy-UT (in basketball, anyway) I guess the police are necessary. You just never know...
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