2 Open Rosters in Dynasty League?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by RealestWhiteBoy, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Hey, just posting to see if anyone is interested in 2 open spots in a 12-team dynasty league? Draft will be the weekend after the final pre-season game. League is going into it's 2nd season, these are the 2 rosters available for anyone to take over:

    Roster #1:
    Buffalo Bills (DEF - BUF)
    Jacksonville Jaguars (DEF - JAX)
    Jimmy Graham (TE - GB)
    Dez Bryant (WR - )
    Bilal Powell (RB - NYJ)
    Stephen Hauschka (K - BUF)
    Antonio Brown (WR - PIT)
    Coby Fleener (TE - )
    Jermaine Kearse (WR - NYJ)
    Russell Wilson (QB - SEA)
    Latavius Murray (RB - MIN)
    Devin Funchess (WR - CAR)
    Derrick Henry (RB - TEN)
    Michael Thomas (WR - NO)
    Joe Mixon (RB - CIN)

    Roster #2:
    Michael Crabtree (WR - BAL)
    Carolina Panthers (DEF - CAR)
    Denver Broncos (DEF - DEN)
    Golden Tate (WR - DET)
    Cam Newton (QB - CAR)
    Terrelle Pryor (WR - NYJ)
    Doug Martin (RB - OAK)
    Justin Tucker (K - BAL)
    Jordan Reed (TE - WAS)
    Le'Veon Bell (RB - PIT)
    Brandon McManus (K - DEN)
    A.J. Derby (TE - MIA)
    Jay Ajayi (RB - PHI)
    Carson Wentz (QB - PHI)
    Tyreek Hill (WR - KC)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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