1999 Titans Team and 2007 Team!!!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Chris_Henry29, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. When I look back that the super bowl team it looks just like this years team ok so we didnt have a running back like Eddie but the rest is really alike!!!
    We didnt have a true number 1 receiver!! We had a unknown deffense!!! just like this years team!! Who would have thought our deffense that year would have been number 1 almost!! Guys like Perry Phoenix and Blaine bishop and Marcus Robberson and Samari rolle!! Nobody knew who these guys were and on offense nobody knew who Mason was or Yancy thipgen or Chris Sanders or a Lorenzo Neal!! Everybody said that year I remeber this really well, The Titans have 2 guys on Offence and the Titans didnt do anything to help McNair out on offense!! Just like this year sayin with Vince Young!! The 99 Team reminds me tooo much of this years team you may disagree, but the experts said the same thing when we went 8-8 the year before then to 13-3!!!

    S Blaine Bishop-Chris Hope
    LB Joe Bowden
    TE Larry Brown
    WR Isaac Byrd--Paul Williams
    LB Doug Colman
    K Al Del Greco--Bornais
    S/CB Anthony Dorsett
    WR Kevin Dyson--Justin Gage
    DT/DE Josh Evans
    LB Greg Favors--Tulloch
    DT Jason Fisk--KVB
    DT/DE Henry Ford--Tony Brown
    DE Mike Frederick
    RB Eddie George
    RB Spencer George
    LB Phil Glover
    TE Jackie Harris--Bo Bo
    P Craig Hentrich
    DE Kenny Holmes-Odom
    T Brad Hopkins
    CB Steve Jackson
    DE Mike D. Jones
    DE Jevon Kearse-
    WR Joey Kent--Brian Elay
    LB Terry Killens
    T/G Jason Layman
    C Kevin Long
    WR Derrick Mason-Brandon Jones
    T Jason Mathews
    C/G Bruce Matthews--Kevin Maewe
    CB George McCullough--Waddell
    QB Steve McNair--Vince Young
    CB Donald Mitchell--Eric King
    FB Lorenzo Neal-Ahmard Hall
    QB Neil O'Donnell-Kerry Colins
    G Benji Olson
    S Perry Phenix--Michael Griffin
    T Zach Piller
    WR Roell Preston
    TE Michael Roan
    S/CB Marcus Robertson-Calvin lowery
    LB Eddie Robinson--Fowler
    CB Samari Rolle-Finny
    T Jon Runyan--Roos
    DT Joe Salave'a--Jesse Maholena
    WR Chris Sanders--Roby
    G/T Scott Sanderson
    CB Dainon Sidney--Reyanldo
    WR Yancey Thigpen--Roydell Williams
    RB Rodney Thomas
    DT John Thornton--Albert Haynsworth
    CB Denard Walker-Harper
    LB Barron Wortham
    TE Frank Wycheck
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    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

  3. To each its own
  4. eberry

    eberry Camp Fodder

    If it can be said about any team in the NFL when comparing them to a great team in the past ["nobody knew anybody on the {blank} either"] then it doesn't really give me the warm and fuzzies, personally.
  5. This is different comparing a team like the 99 titans!! Because they had a bunch of no name guys!! expect eddie and Steve thats it!!
    This years team has a bunch of no name guys expect Vince Young and maybe Keith Bullack and Chris Hope!!! This is not like me saying man the 2007 Titans look like the 90s cowboys thats different cuz the cowboys had guys that were stars!! The 99 titans didnt have anybody that you thought would do something!!
  6. DRAY

    DRAY Camp Fodder

    I sure hope you are correct. Getting back to the Super Bowl would be awesome. However I'm pretty sure Collins is no O'Donnell. We are in trouble if Kerry gets on the field this year for any meaningful snaps.
  7. eberry

    eberry Camp Fodder

    But there are some very telling spots that have no analogies: george, kearse, and rolle (i don't see finnegan on the same planet as 2000-era Rolle)--3 of the most important spots on the field outside of qb
  8. Um yes you can see Samari as a Finngan you know why?? Cuz Rolle was a rookie in 98 and 99 season he made a name for himself with 4 picks and 1 touchdown his second year!! ok so theres no eddie george now but Lendale can prove to be one and for Kearse well you can say that if we sign rice there you have it!!
  9. Look at those 99 recievers!!

    D-Mase before he made a name for himself
    Joey Kent
    Yancy Thipgen-had playoff experience when he joined the Titans like someone we know this year (Eric Moulds)
    Kevin Dyson
    Chris Sanders
    Issac Byrd

    Did those guys seem like weapons for mcnair?? I dont think so!! GO Titans
  10. eberry

    eberry Camp Fodder

    i could take any rookie in the league and make him Samari Rolle with that argument though, you know?--that's the thing, Samari was special, Eddie was special, Kearse was special. That's all i'm saying, is that elite players like that are hard to come by, and when people say "he could be like [Rolle, Eddie, Kearse]" it's just i think there should be some really good reason, because otherwise it could be said of any player "that he might be _______", right?
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