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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by bigg, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. TygerNeo

    TygerNeo Camp Fodder

    VY played well? Dinger has to "dumb" down his offensive game plan to accommodate VY's lack of field vision by throwing 5 yard dump offs. Very impressive.
  2. Titantic Titan

    Titantic Titan Camp Fodder

    When ever anyone here is bored enough to look up quarter back stats. Look at the long list of some pretty good quarter backs that do not have a 19 and 11 record for the last 30 games. You will be surprised
  3. TitansWillWin1

    TitansWillWin1 Camp Fodder

    i love how its never vince who wins a game for us! its either the defense or the running game or special teams or the other team sucking!!!! Even when he came back from 21 points in the fourth quarter it wasnt due to him and ppl that said it was due to him said it was just luck!!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!! if collins has this kind of game ppl talk about how accurate he is or how good a game manager he is!!!
  4. CRUDS

    CRUDS Go Team! Staff

    I'm sorry but that absolutely remains to be seen. Peyton, Brees and Brady have the "It" factor. He's still got a long long way to go to be in that mix...
  5. Brookaveli

    Brookaveli Camp Fodder

    Those dump-offs are good plays when you have a back like Chris Johnson who is extremely dangerous in open space. It is also much better to take the short play and hope for a missed tackle (or punt it away) than it is to force a pass into double coverage.

    I was able to watch the first 3 quarters on TV (left after CJ's 2nd TD) and was very happy with Vince's play. Did he make some bad plays? Yes, but they were early in the game. The overthrown ball in the end zone on the first drive could have erased 3 points, and he threw about 10 feet behind a WR on a quick slant to the left on play 2 of the 2nd drive, but most importantly he shook these plays off and moved the ball.

    I was optimistic after he took us down for a FG on the first drive, and impressed when he started on our own 5 and led us to three first downs before the drive stalled at the 50. This let our D rest up and reversed the field, meaning that on our 3rd possession we started on our 46. He capitalized on the good field position by leading our offense on 6 straight positive plays capped by the perfectly-thrown TD to Nate Washington.

    Was it a dominant performance? No, but it was mistake-free. We need him to take what is given to him, chew up clock, and capitalize when given good field position. He did all 3 this game, which let our defense put us in position for Chris Johnson to win it for us... which is exactly the formula that we used last year to take the division. Now let's go for 2 straight!
  6. TitansWillWin1

    TitansWillWin1 Camp Fodder

    yeah well i do remember yall praising collins for that little dump off last year to scaife against the jags that sealed our victory!!!!
  7. Pacman 4 HoF

    Pacman 4 HoF Special Teams Standout

    its been said that when VY starts, we average 14 points a game. last year the win less lions ( zero wins - 16 losses) averaged 16 points a game.... and if you have eyeballs, you would know that VY is not the most derserving of credit for the success our team had during his lead. a guy throws 9 tds for 17 ints and hes the guy you want to praise for winning games???
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  8. bigg

    bigg Titan Fan

    Dude, although VY has thrown 9 td's and 17 int's, he's 20-11 as a starter. winning games are the most important stat one would look at. Secondly, VY numbers will improve from now on out. I really believe the benching of VY was the best thing to happen to him. He had the opportunity to learn and spend the quality time watching film. finally, VY has tremendous upside, quoting what Mike Ditka said today about VY. "VY gives the Titans another legitmate threat on offense."
  9. Beaudreaux

    Beaudreaux Starter

    Something tells me if he sucked you'd say that it did answer questions people had about him, but I'm just sayin. :wink2:
  10. Lord_Drist

    Lord_Drist Camp Fodder


    It is just amazing to the length some people go just to undermine how VY played. The Titans won with him at QB, something they haven't form quite some time. Why the coaches didn't "dumb" the plays for KC since the "intelligent" stuff wasn't working?
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