'09 Titans season deja vu?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Nov 11, 2012.


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    The 6-3 Colts will slip, thats our spot they hold, we have to beat them the next time we see them.

    I really hope Jake finishes up the year strong, and we ride that momentum into the playoffs. Him and C.J. could do it. This year could be what 2009 almost was.
  2. Finnegan2win

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    I think people forget how abysmal our defense has been aside from 1 game..

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    Yea and I'm probably getting too excited cause it was Miami we beat up on. They're not a playoff team. But its nice winning, I'm gonna milk that win til Thanksgiving.
  4. The Hammer

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    This reminds me more of what I like to refer to as the "Purgatory Years" for this franchize. From 1996 to 1998 we hovered around that 500 mark. We had some really big wins and some reallty bad loses. We had an inexperienced but talented QB and some real strengths -- O-line, saftey, RB, LB and TE. At the same time we had some major weaknesses -- nickle and dime backs, WR, D-line.

    That group though formed a solid foundation that would later become a strong team. Young players at the weak positions imroved. Guys like WRs Derrick Mason and Kevin Dyson; CBs Samari Rolle and Donal Mitchell and QB Steve McNair continued to grow. Adding Jason Fisk and Jevon Kearse to the D line capped it all off.

    My hope is the same for this team. We have some strengths, like WR, an inexperienced but talented QB, plenty of weaknesses but some young guys with potential--Our DTs and current starting LBs. Allowing for these guys to improve and making some smart offseason moves will get us back to being a playoff team for several years.
  5. SawdustMan

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    Loved the effort yesterday all around. But I must be realistic. We're in too huge of a hole to overcome IMO.

    New York Jets
    @Green Bay

    We're simply not equipped to beat the Packers. I think most everyone here would chalk that up as a loss. Houston will be equally as tough. I just can't see a win there either. @ Indy will be tough but is winnable for sure. NYJ could go either way. And Jacksonville sucks really bad. But I think we all know you can never mark any divisional game as an automatic win, much less two.

    I don't see 8-8 being enough. And looking at that schedule, I just can't see a 5-1 run ahead. We've only managed to put together back-to-back wins once this entire season. So I have a hard time buying that we're about to reel off 5 out of 6. But I'd certainly love it if we did.
  6. corymiller

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    8-8 seems likely. Making that OT loss to Indy sting.
  7. Finnegan2win

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    We have a bye next week so we should be well prepared against the Jaguars. I don't want to call the game a lock or anything but if we don't win that game then that is why we can't have nice things because we're always screwing up.

    At least we have Houston at home. The first game was competitive until like the mid 3rd quarter of the game I believe, I missed that week. Hopefully with Jack Locker back and a winning streak we'll carry a little extra momentum. It's going to take some luck and maybe the Texans kinda overlook us for New England that next week? Okay grasping at straws there.

    We can beat the Colts because we got robbed the first time around. I see us getting revenge there and even though Luck is much better at home, this game becomes a shoot out and I can see our defense stepping up a bit when it matters most.

    Jets are a mess right now and add on a couple more weeks and I think we got this one.

    Packers will beat us. At the beginning of the season I was hoping they would be resting their starters by the time the game rolls around but they're still competing.

    I have us at 7-8 right now. I really want to pick us over the Texans but their defense is really good and they have Foster on offense as well. If we've been eliminated coming into the game I could see a let down after the emotional drain of making a playoff push but hopefully they want to win the final game for the home crowd. I'll go ahead and put us at 8-8 and hoping that's enough.

    I looked at the Colts schedule and I think they finish 8-8 as well.

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    It's a good thing we were in that first game with Houston til Matt gave the game away. His butt is back on the bench. And we're winning that rematch.

    Green Bay is the only game that worries me, but if we handle our business every other week we play, we can afford to lose that 1 game.
  10. World Peace

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    and how abysmal the Dolphins have been on offense. We won a game on the road against the worst home team in the league. Not impressed.
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