Why I think they'll keep Loggains at OC

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jan 3, 2013.

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    That defeatist attitude is really pathetic. So how did we hire Dinger and Chow then?
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    He's not playing so what does age have to do with it?
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    Wow, mentioning that Moore was the OC of the Steelers during the Bubby Brister era might not be a good way to promote his cause.
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    Chow stunk

    Heimeinasgdasdfder was good. Took his shots
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    Because coaching is a 70 hour a week job and because he stopped working at that 70 hour a week job and became an adviser in 2010. He half retired.

    He worked for Wayne Fontes in Detroit in the 90s and Fontes is 2 years younger. I'm older than most of the posters here so i'm not one to dismiss an older coach but 74 is getting up there for a job like that.

    Put him in the front office and have him evaluate skill guys for the draft something like that.
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    But they were willing to come here to work the poster thinks that this is a sh*t hole that would not attract any coach of any stature. That's bullcrap.

    To be fair to Chow he never had a good QB and even worse WRs. In his last year in 2007 his QB was VY, his top WRs were Gage and Young and his top RB was Lenwhale. All things considered he couldn't have done much with that group.
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    Yeah but if he wants to do it and thinks he can do it, why not?

    Dick LeBeau is 75 and still doing it.
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    Here is the problem some of you aren't taking into consideration. Munch could be gone as soon as the end of next season. So how is that going to attract a high quality OC since they might be back out of a job in a year.

    The thing Munch would probably prefer is to keep Loggains as an assistant/QB coach or something but let a guy like Moore take the OC job for a year or two. That solves the short term issue and if Munch get extended he can then either promote Loggains or find a real OC.

    Now I don't have inside information but common sense tells me that might have been an issue between another aged OC, Palmer and Loggains and I'd go as far as to say Loggains might have spent some time under Munch's desk. It happens all the time in business. People pushing other people out to get ahead and in the battle of brown nose Loggains won. The guy laughing the hardest (besides DC of teams we play) is Palmer who I'm sure made a special point t DVR all the Titans games and laugh histerically at how screwed up things were after he was fired. Palmer probably had a tear in one eye for Locker who went from a guy with some potential to a guy who is already being called a bust by fans.

    Munch needs to put his relationships aside and look for a real professional as OC. But with the current situation that might be hard to find. There are guys out there who didn't coach last year who might be willing to risk only having the job for another year but not the ones with a good job already. Even a position coach who wants to be OC some day has to be careful to not tarnish their long term cahnces by getting hooked up with a coaching staff that might be short term.
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    I don't understand why anyone would think the OC job with the Titans isn't a great opportunity for many potential candidates.

    The road to being a head coach escalates if you can go with a team (like the Titans) and get production where another coach couldn't (like the Titans). Sure, it's a risk. But if you've been a position coach somewhere with few opportunities and ambitious, why not take the chance? I don't buy into the lame duck argument because, if the new OC does a good job, Munch will be the HC in 2014. If not, then they end up back as a position coach somewhere but getting paid for the rest of their contract where they're making a lot more.

    I can see why an ex-HC or top college HC might not be attracted. They are looking for another HC job. They're settling if they take a coordinator position but it's funny how maintaining a lifestyle humbles you.

    Munch may have done his homework and genuinely feels Loggains is a bright guy with a huge upside. If he's willing to bet his job on it, then he must feel this way.
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    Exactly, whats the job directly below a HC... coordinator. Titans have a young QB (that can be groomed), a pro-bowl level RB, historically a good line (needs help now), and a young receiving core. Hopefully those guys all develop, thus making that OC look really good.