Why does Jake Locker have to be great?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titans1839, Apr 3, 2014.

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    He doesn't need to be great he just needs to stay healthy, which is extremely unlikely. It's sad, I feel like if he could just stay healthy he would be a good NFL QB but that's just the way it goes sometimes.
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    Speaking about purely on the field performances, VY out performed Jake so far. I'm not really a Vince fan but I do believe this to be true. I'm open to being convinced otherwise as long as it's not some stuff about Young's character or behavior. I know the mistakes he made, but someone please convince me that Jake has done more on the field at this point in his career.
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    Jake does not have to be great, he just needs to stay on the damn field. I wanted Locker when we drafted him, and although he has been a major disappointment, I still believe that he is going to be our man. This is going to be Locker's year. I believe that, and will keep pounding that drum until proven otherwise. We have a team worthy of the playoffs right now! Qb in the 4th--please no to drafting one in the first. If Manziel is sitting there at 11 and we take him, I am going to be sick and in need of a shower.
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    Stop being an idiot. Why did Vince stay off the field? Immaturity.

    You could argue Vince was the worst player we have ever drafted.
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    I did

    Learn to read for ****s sake
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    No you could not and if you tried you would have no facts back it. You of all people on this board have a problem with immaturity? You talk like your 10 years old.
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    Want a fact?

    Jake has never been on suicide watch or thought about retirement within his first contract.

    Bam, fact.
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    And yea, another fact.

    Name another player that set this franchise back atleast 3+ years due to that immaturity.

    You aren't very smart. You look at highlight reels and tune out everything else.
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    One thing matters at the end of the day in any sport. That's wins. vince was a bad investment, but thus far jake hasn't been any better. Vy was 31-19, locker is 8-10 with 14 games missed or taken out of. He barely hits the field half the time.
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    For those who cant tell, I stand firmly behind Jake Locker, but if I am being completely honest with myself, as badly as it pains me to say it, Vince did do more on the field than Jake has to this point. I am no fan of VY, but I will be totally objective about the topic. I am just hoping that Jake can change that fact this upcoming season. Now off the field, totally different issues. My assessment is strickly on the field. Like I said, pains me to admit, but I believe there is truth to the argument.