Why does Jake Locker have to be great?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titans1839, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Serious question. I have heard all the time on here that until Jake Locker or any other QB comes in and plays like a top 10 passing qb, we will never make the playoffs or a run for the Superbowl. How do you figure? I agree that we need a qb who doesn't get hurt or make game losing picks, but that doesn't mean he has to come in here and throw for 350 yards every game.

    Last year, Seattle was ranked 26th in passing offense and San Fran was ranked 30th. They average 202 and 186 passing yards a game, we averaged 220. That's not the problem. They rely on a great D and a serious run game. The game is changing away from that, but doesn't depend on having a top throwing qb. Jake can do just fine as our QB if we run the ball well and play solid D.
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    When you draft a guy with the 8th overall pick, you expect him to be great. Plus, Jake has all the tools and potential to be a great QB. So we start to expect it to happen.

    I agree that he could just be solid and we would be a well-balanced team that would make the playoffs. But he's been set up with good WRs and good pass blocking so he can excel in the NFL... and we want some results.
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    Well.. as far as I know, we don't have the luxury of having a top notch running game and defense.

    And Kaepernick had 524 yards rushing

    Wilson had 539.

    Locker had 155.

    Extra 400 yards of offense goes a long way.

    Not too many below average QBs go deep in the postseason. Very rare.

    Alex Smith is WAY better than what we have, and he can't get anywhere.
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    I am ALL about beefing up the defense and improving the running game. I don't believe Jake has to be "GREAT", but to be successful, he has to be accurate and consistent...Oh, and healthy. He does not have ANY of those qualities that show on the field as of now. I still believe that they need to get this defense top notch, and a new RB will certainly help, but I think we all know that Great or not, Jake isn't the long term answer.
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    Jake doesn't have to be a total stud if he plays for Seattle or SF.
    On The Titans, in the AFCS -it's a different story...
    Let's hope the 3/4 switch is the beginning of a new era of dominant Titans D.
    Get a back that can pickup 1st downs - and keep healthy and he has a chance..
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    LOL. Wilson and Cap weren't 8th overall picks. Locker has to stay healthy which he obviously isn't tough enough to do.
  7. titans1839

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    You are really using season long stats and using the difference for your argument? Not going to mention how Jake only played like 5 games at all? Kinda of loses its credibility a bit.
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  8. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    him not being able to play more than 5 games is the majority of the problem.

    any argument expecting him to do any different than that, loses its credibility. He has never put together a full season.. and he will have to defy the odds to ever do that.

    Locker is worthless on the sidelines. Which means he has been worthless for half his career.

    The main point of my post was that the titans do not have the Offensive and Defensive prowess of these good teams. Titans sucked last year at every level.

    Locker will have to be more than average to succeed with this roster.
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    At this point Jake just needs to remain healthy and play through an entire season. That would a great step in the right direction. We all know he's good, he just can't stay healthy.
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    IDENTITY! First and foremost is what they need. They are just average across the board. Jake not staying healthy, and being inconsistent/innacurate definitely doesn't help that cause. The good news is, the Titans have much better coaching now.