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    I guess he should have crushed his finger sooner then. Supposedly cutting off a piece of his finger is what made him so good this past season. He says it changed how he thinks.


    I like "9-Piece" or "Nubbs", could be great for us.
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    Being from Illinois; and going to UoI i've seen alot of Whitney.

    Yes, he's labled a "one-year wonder". He didn't put up stats before because he wasn't starting. Illinois D has one primary DE, who plays in most snaps, Mercilus won that spot this year. The other DE spot is rotated in and out with an extra LB or DB. Mercilus had limited snaps his Sophomore year, and then his Junior year got a ton more snaps; thus production came along with it.

    I was down on Mercilus due to the following things:

    1.Slower off the snap
    2.One year wonder
    3.Average pass rushing moves
    4.Doesn't accelerate well
    5.Average upper body strength
    6.265, isn't the best for a DE.. so a little small.
    7.Can be "too" aggressive

    Then I started watching more games and combine, and became more impressed. Whitney was in average shape, and it looks like he lost all his fat (had a small gut) and added pure muscle. He showed me more pass-rush moves at the combine that i've never seen him do before. He had a faster 20 yard split than "combine monster" Nick Perry. Yes, he weighed in at 261. I'm not too worried about that, we signed Wimbley and he's smaller than that. That average upper body strength has improved with his work ethic. I've seen so much improvement from his last season at UoI to the combine. His work ethic is off the charts, and he's so down to earth. Literally coming from being dirt poor in Akron, OH (left UoI early to support his parents who are native from Haiti). Majored in Community Health, and graduated with a 3.4 GPA (at UOI, which trust me... is hard). He's a no-non sense player, i've seen almost every athlete in Champaign bars, but this guy. He's got raw talent, the athletic ability, and the right mindset to be a star.

    Watching his tape I see a star, and a bust. At time I see a "wow" factor, but then the very next play he makes stupid mistakes and takes plays off. Hopefully a solid rotation would fix that. I still don't think he's worth a first round pick. I see him as a Mid 2nd. But with our need at DE, it wouldn't surprise me if we reached on him. As someone said, he's willing to learn, and i've seen a ton of improvement since his last year at UoI to the combine to his pro-day. If he keeps improving like he has, he could be a beast... he def has bust potential though. So up and down on this guy.

    Honestly, I love Vinny Curry. Hopefully his sub-par combine drops him to our 2nd round pick.

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    It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. 265 is plenty big enough to bang in the NFL. Wimbley is 255 but plays like a 300 pounder at the LoS.
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    Wouldn't be against it but I prefer someone in round 2, Mercilus is very interesting.

    I think he's the most boom/bust player at DE.
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    With the Wimbley signing, I don't see us goin first round DE. I think DT or C is now the top of the board. The De class is very shakey this year and at 20 we probably have to reach at DE, but DT is deep and we get a solid first round DT selection with whoever falls to us.
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    With Klug playing the situational pass rusher DT spot, douzable probably coming in on run downs at the End position in rotation of wimbley, that leaves Morgan and Casey as our two most constant playing linemen, we still have that glaring need at DT with smith and ?marks being wasted roster spots.

    We did pick up a big NT from the ravens, but he isn't a lock to make the team.
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    I'm such a huge fan of Vinny Curry, I would be beside myself if he fell to us in the 2nd. I don't think there's any way that happens. To me he looks like a complete player and even though some people would call it a stretch, I think even if we took him at 20 his NFL production would rival any other DE in this draft.

    But that could just be me falling in love with a certain player like I do every year.
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    I didn't say that Morgan's film was impressive. I said that Morgan shows more pass rushing moves than Mercilus.

    I like my DEs to be more than just 1 trick ponies and if you compare Morgan to Mercilus by watching highlight videos from college then their is no question who has the widest array of moves. Morgan shows that he can bull rush, speed rush, has a spin move, and knows how to set up a stunt. All I see from Mercilus is a speed rush.

    I think Mercilus is a major bust risk.
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    We need to trade down and select Curry.
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    I was shocked at how poor Curry performed at the combine. He really lacked explosion. Totally opposite of what he shows on film. Certainly raised a red flag with me. Especially since he plays against more small school opponents.