Where's Kendall?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jul 24, 2012.

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    If I was a 21 year old kid and the biggest transaction I had ever negotiated involved "would you like fries with that?", I'd probably let my professional agent who had negotiated dozens of NFL contracts handle what I hired him to do too.

    Just sayin.
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  2. Riverman

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    You use professionals for advice-not to be your daddy. Wright understands that nobody else has had the 4th year guaranteed near his draft spot and that last year was a fluke. He also SHOULD understand that if he takes care of business the Titans will extend him prior to his fourth year. He has not done CHIT yet for the team. Why should they give him something no other team is giving?

    This agent is trying to get his cut above. Wright's participation in the holdout suggests he is yet another "me" player with an over-inflated sense of self-worth.
  3. JP Money

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    Not necessarily. His agent could see Britt with his knee issues as a leverage to get Wright a $8.5+ million, fully guaranteed contract. I'm hoping by the end of the week, Wright will be signed. If Blackmon gets a deal before Wright I am going to be pretty irritated.
  4. Riverman

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    It's unreasonable to expect guaranteed money where others aren't getting it. Last year was a fluke. Ridiculous to be holding out.

    Of course Wright's agent is recommending he hold out. More guaranteed money means more money for the agent as well.

    Wright's desire to get something that other players near him in the draft did not get is having detrimental effects on the team in regards to reps and preparation.
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    Yea I've never gotten the impression Wright was a me first guy, seems like a humble kid who really loves football.
  7. JP Money

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    I know it was a fluke but unfortunately, it sets a precedence that is hard to undo. I don't blame him, I still hold the agent to this BS.
  8. Jwill1919

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    there is no precedent. The fact remains that he is the only guy in the draft that is not signed besides a Drunk who is still trying to read the legal verbiage in his current offer. Way to go Kendall, you've already made a name for yourself as being the last "most selfish" guy in the 2012 NFL Draft. Not only are you losing reps at a time YOU COULD POSSIBLY START AS A ROOKIE, but you no doubtedly will have some kind of "hamstring, groin" setback because of your foolishness. You should fire your agent immediately and sign your damn offer. Get over yourself ROOKIE!!
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  9. TheSureThing

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    you realize Kendall undoubtedely made an offer to the Titans that they are unwilling to agree to as well?

    You did the same thing with the CJ negotiations, you need to realize there are a lot more factors than what you think and change your current thought process on NFL negotiations >> (wahhh fat kid won't sign dah paper!!)
  10. Riverman

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    This kid hasn't played a snap in the NFL- he is unproven and he is asking for guaranteed money that others who were drafted in proximity to him have not received. He is out of line with this year's signees. This isn't even remotely similar to CJ's situation.

    I hope the Titans don't budge on this one. I usually support the players gettting what they deserve but in this case the kid hasn't "earned" anything yet. His holdout is a detriment to the team. I'm sure he believes the Britt situation makes him more valuable than he really is. I'm for proving to him that you EARN what you're given. Special treatment only comes AFTER special contribution to the team.
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