Weirdest Draft ever.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SwingOnDeezBalz, May 1, 2006.

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  1. DeutschTitan

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    Ease up man, for real. To say Jesse is the only decent day 2 selection is far fetched. Have you seen Lowry and Tulloch play? These guys are hungry football players, something we need. I, for one, love the day 2 selections. I'll also bet you Tulloch wins the starting MLB spot and tears it up.
  2. Overalls

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    Yeah it's not like Leinart was playing in his 3rd National Championship or anything. He's a bum.
  3. theprizdfighter

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    I agree with Overalls. If a guy played QB in 3 National Championships and won two of them can't take a team to a Super Bowl, then how can a QB that's never played in a National Championship game(not referring to any specific QB, just in general). Leinart has the leadership it's obvious. I wanted Young over Leinart, but I'd have been just as happy with us taking Leinart.
  4. Tons of NCAA champion QBs have done nothing in the NFL, and many Super Bowl QBs have never sniffed major college glory.
  5. Overalls

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    That means VY's championship is worthless also, right.
  6. Gut

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    Worthless? No. But it's certainly no guarantee of success. And since this is a team game, QB's can be avg with awesome surrounding talent. On the other hand, the QB can be the one carrying the team.

    Based on the National Championship game, Leinart played well though he was nervous or just off during the first half. In the few games he took shots, he usually was less effective afterwards. But in the NAtional Championship, he had a good second half even though he did get a good pop in that half too.

    However, Young dominated the game...PERIOD! If you watch college football, you know when a team like Texas plays a team that is several talent levels below it. Young made USC's D look like that. He looked like a HS football player playing against little leaguers. And when you personally account for 400+ yards of offense, the game winning drive, the game winning play on the biggest stage against the best team in college football....that speaks VOLUMES about how good Young is!!!

    So worthless? I think not. But he still has a lot to learn to develop that talent at the next level.

  7. In terms of how good he'll be in the NFL, yes.

    But his individual talent is what should make him a damned good QB.
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    I'm not saying either QB is better than the other. It just appears that some are choosing to tout VY leading Texas to a champiomship as a sign of greatness while at the same time forgetting about ML leading his team to 3 championship games and winning 2. It's a team game so I'm not perticularly worried about either one, but they BOTH deserve respect.
  9. Titans2008

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    It's a safe bet that, had Young returned, Texas would have won the championship this year barring injury.
  10. I'd say that you could easily argue that Leinart was just 1 cog in a powerful team while Vince Young was much more important as an individual than Leinart.

    That said, that won't hold as much importance in the NFL as it did in the NCAA.
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