Week 2 Picks

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    Jones Has proven that he is a good recruiter. Has a great class going this year so far. But will have to see how he does over the next couple of years.
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    Week of September 7
    X 1. No. 12 Florida at Miami
    2. No. 2 Oregon at Virginia
    X 3. No. 6 South Carolina at No. 11 Georgia
    X 4. Syracuse at No. 19 Northwestern
    5. West Virginia at No. 16 Oklahoma
    6. Samford at Arkansas
    7. No. 14 Notre Dame at No. 17 Michigan
    X 8. Washington State at No. 25 USC
    X 9. Western Kentucky at Tennessee
    10.No. 15 Texas at Brigham Young


    I did gawd awful picking them this week. Even though a few picks were gambles (trying to improve my lead on a local pickem pool), it seems like every year college football makes me look stupid. :gaah: