Vegas Not Kind to the Titans in '12

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Although this article almost seems, anti-Titans, its hard to look at weeks 1-4 on paper and stay confident.

    Some typos in that first quoted sentenced above but none-the-less, brutal schedule and not good odds. That just means BET THE HOUSE ON THE TITANS THIS YEAR n Vegas and u could be a millionaire for life ...

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    Let me add on to your post, a sportsbook has posted early lines on every NFL game being played this season. The titans are only favorites in 4 of 16 games... and i think the future bet for the titans to win the SB are like 50:1
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    I think we beat the chargers. They have been on the decline, and it was a completely different team they beat 8 times in a row.
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    1. Yes... We know (Vegas)

    2. Bleacher Report.

    That is all;)

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    How many times will this thread be created?

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    Its written by bleacher report. Which means its absolute garbage.
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    Bleacher Report...
    Odds of it being written by an illiterate 8th grader? 93%

    Legitimacy of that site? O%
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    You know... despite the 59-0 against the Pats, I would much rather beat the Chargers. F those guys, and their mommas.
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    What really sucks is the game 2007 where the referees at LP blew a call... Fisher blew a gasket, it caused OT and I'm not so sure that those referees didn't have to have police escorts to their cars. We were robbed in that game. I was there.... It was one of the biggest travesties that people never talk about on this board anymore. We were up 14 points in the 4th quarter and Vince Young was probably at his peak with this organization.

    We held rivers to 37 yards of passing the first 3 quarters. It was a beautiful game for the about 45 minutes

    I was there and I could see from up in the 300s that the ball was on the turf.. i remember seeing the video of the non catch up on the titantron... Hell, even the chargers fan behind me were bummed when saw the replay because they thought the catch would be overturned. It was sickening to get robbed like that.. espicially when there was a playoff spot on the line." I saw the ball on the ground. That happens. He just didn't get the look that he wanted," Fisher said.
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  10. Big Time Titan

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    Hey guys, I've haven't made a bet aside from friendly wagers so I have a question. How do you go about placing a bet for us to win the super bowl for big money?

    Sorry if I sound like a dipsh!+ but I honestly don't know, never have made a real bet in my life.

    I ask because I remember the story of the guy who bet on the St. Louis Cardinals to win it all back when they were out of playoff contention and ended up with $250,000 or something like that. That would be awesome. I know I can just google how to bet but I figure this is just as good a place to ask. Thanks.