Troupe Not Producing As Much As Expected

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    My take is it is mostly a QB problem or an OC problem. VY threw for a whopping 63 yards against Indy and 161 yards last game. Our two TEs combined have caught 2 passes combined in those games. I guess Scaife is also underperforming because he only has one catch in the last two games?
    IMHO put Troupe on a team like Indy and the guy goes to the pro-bowl.
  2. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    no kidding. Who came out with that piece of information? Better yet, doesn't this person have anything better to write about? What next? "Fisher to grow goatee again in hopes of a playoff push"???
  3. Architect

    Architect Pain Train


    Im suprised we havent been flagged more for only 10 men on the field!
  4. Riverman

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    Troupe was drafted primarily because of his physique as a project. He was slow between the ears his rookie season- he got called out for it then. He has shown some skill with YAC, but other than that, he has been given WAY too much credit. He has had some drops, some blown assignments, and injuries.

    IMO, his development parallels Calico's in many ways. I agree with TJ, that it is significant that Fisher is calling him out. I think he'll get some more opportunities in the next few games. He better run crisp routes, read the coverage correctly, block correctly and most definitely catch the ball in these next few games. Otherwise I think we are looking at Calico- Chapter 2.

    As an aside, I don't fault VY for going to Scaife. Scaife blocks well, runs crisp routes and gets open. It may be perception only, but I do believe VY believes in Scaife more.
  5. Bobo

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    RM, he's only shown "some" skill with YAC? I'd say he's about the best at it, or at least at the top. And it's a little harsh to compare him to Calico. He's already done 10X as much. He hasn't been hurt near as much or had hands that bad.

    I pretty much agree with Bongo here, not much news so something pretty minor like this is getting over scrutinized.
  6. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Troupe was a darn good TE on a high level college team. Trying to compare him to Calico is ridiculous. Troupe produced in college unlike Calico who was drafted mostly for his combine numbers.
  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    New QB bs...

    Soxcat is the only one remotely close to the problem. To start titan QBs have only completed 89 passes this season that is not even 15 a game. The average nfl team has about 20 comps 5 more than that per game. Bennett alone accounts for 23% of our catches and WR account for 60%. Take away the WR catches and the typical dump offs to the backs and there simply have not been many chances for the TEs. On top of that we have 2 TEs sharing the load. Scaife only has 8 catches and i would say he has played well.

    Yes troupe has been disappointing but even at the top of his game he would be hard pressed to have any more than 10 catches this year. If kinney was here troupe would have even fewer catches.

    The new QB theory makes no sense rather the quality of QB is the issue. Collins and young combined have a passing rating of 50 which has to be the worst in the league.

    Look at warrick dunn's career receiving stats since he has been in atlanta. His production is half what it was in tampa simply because of having vick as his QB.
  8. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    I'm not really comparing his skill to Calico, but rather his lack of production and his player development. It doesn't take long before the coaching staff "gives up" on a player. That could be a combination of what they've seen in the player or that they like what they see better in a 1st or 2nd year player.

    My comparison doesn't include college- I couldn't give a rat's about their college careers.

    I'm "pro-Troupe" but I'm with TJ. It's time to see the investment produce. I believe he will get alot of opportunities these next few games. I hope he takes advantage of them.
  9. bongo59

    bongo59 Camp Fodder

    excellent post and it completely reflects the reasons Troupe production has dropped.
  10. Riverman

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    Not so fast. It doesn't explain why Scaife is eating into Troupe's reps and/or Fisher's comments. There is more to the story than simply an overall reduction in opportunities for the TE's.
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