Tony Stewart runs over driver

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by TitanJeff, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. TheSureThing

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    Idk if I was more stunned that people actually congregate to watch crapper car races or that Stewart killed some moron. Either way, ya'll southern folk are strange dudes.
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    I was just talking to my dad about this. He used to do a lot of amateur/semi-pro racing back in the 70's/early 80's and is a huge fan of the sport. He said it looked to him like Stewart was "trying to send a message".

    But really no one knows for sure except Tony Stewart. I'm with TJ, that's a hell of an accusation to throw at a guy. If he didn't mean to "scare" the kid then I'm sure he already feels terrible. And if he did, I'm sure he feels even more terrible. Either way, he's got to live with that for the rest of his life. I seriously doubt we'll ever find out one way or the other. If he was trying to scare the kid then he's most likely not going to come out and admit because he'd then be facing criminal charges.

    Hopefully at the very least other drivers can learn a few lessons from this. 1. It's just not worth it to exit your vehicle like that unless it's on fire or something. 2. Flying around at high speeds is not the time to be trying to "send a message".
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    As a 5 year old I knew to look both ways before crossing the road and that walking onto the street towards oncoming traffic is a terrible idea.

    As a 20 year old if you don't know these things then you are probably in a vegetated state.
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    oh bull****

    stop trying to apologize because some ****ing idiot did something incredibly stupid and got himself killed.

    Not only did he get himself killed, but he put everyone's life on that track in danger when he decided to make a name for himself.
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  5. Big TT

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    SideWALKS are for walking. SHARE THE ROAD IS THE LAW...don't like for office and or petition your legislature to change it. The LAW says drivers must give 3 feet when they pass. Get over yourself....whatever, where ever you are going isn't that ****ing important. Billybadass in a 2 ton car, probably a truck. LOL Still have the rebel flag waving?
  6. Big TT

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    It was in New York. Good try however. LOL
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    Figured you'd post and throw a fit.

    You obviously aren't familiar with the bike paths I'm talking about... there's one that was made for bikers and they don't use it often.

    It's not all bikers that piss me off, but there are some out there that are just ****ing careless and take up the whole damn lane even in high traffic times.

    I drive a Honda Civic and have never and will never own a rebel flag... Good call on that one.
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  8. RTH

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    I don't mind sharing the road with bikes, I'm actually a very conscious, considerate driver... the problem is that it's RECIPROCAL.
  9. RavensShallBurn

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    Right. I don't mind it either... if they share the road as well.

    And many of them don't... Some of the roads I'm referring to are Del Rio, Old Natchez, Split Log, Sam Donald, Clovercroft, etc.

    These are usually not high traffic areas... problem is they are country roads and when you turn a corner and there's a biker right there in the middle of the road you have to swerve out of the way... and that's dangerous if a car is coming.

    I'm sure that Big TT is familiar with 0 of these roads. He's just assuming I'm an ******* to bikers. I'm not. Most of them just piss me off... especially the fatties in spandex. Don't wear that sh*t if you're fat.
  10. GTFO my pancakz

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    Don't wear that **** period unless you actually compete. Some of those guys wear it just to feel like they are a part of the douche biking community.
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