Titans Defense Could Return to Form

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. RavensShallBurn

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    There's no way our defense ranks better than 15th. That's my expectation and I consider that pretty high.
  2. CJtheBeast

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    I wish we could bet "Moolah" on this one. I think our defense will def be above average. They showed glimpses last season and the rookies that stepped in later in the season only improved the D. Our D is young and hungry.
  3. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Young and hungry, huh? That's exactly what Reheem Morris said about his Bucs before the 2011 season began. He called them "youngry."

    That resulted in a 30th ranked defense and a 10 game losing streak to end the season.

    49ers, Ravens, Steelers, Texans, Jets, Bears, Giants, Redskins, Seahawks, Bills, Bengals, and a couple others will have better defenses than ours... as pretty much all of them did last year.

    I'm not dogging our defense at all. I'm happy with it. It's a work in progress. I just think you're getting your hopes up way too high.
  4. Big Time Titan

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    I don't think that CJ's being too optimistic about our D. Now if he came out and said that we'll be the best D in the league that would be a huge stretch. IF our interior DL can get some consistent push then I expect great play out of our DEs and LBs.
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    You have a valid point about the D Line. My only concern will be the secondary. Not very confident in our secondary unit this upcoming year.

    But, if the D Line can get pressure, our secondary should do just fine.
  6. QGP


    For the first time in a long time, i feel we ae pretty stacked at all positions, except safety. But CB has been issue with depth over the years. Now i fell pretty good top to bottom with those guys. Also the D line depth has suffered in recent years due to injuries or what not. Now we got a bunch of guys youd love to see in two tone blue, fighting for 6 maybe7-8 positions on the final roster. And on the Shaun Smith note, I didnt go to camp, but watching the video on titansonline i saw Kevin Mathews, NO PADS keep in mind, just shoot his arms out like every other blocker/blocking play and Shaun Smith stopped in his tracks and acting injured. WIMP
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  7. titantrusince82

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    I will say what I have been saying since the schedule out came out, we can beat the Pats if Zack Brown can defend Rob Gron (TE). We have to jam their WRs at the line (like Pitt did to them last year.
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  8. CJtheBeast

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    You saying that another team used that phrase does nothing to prove anything. It's about as far away from proving your point as you could get.


    Colin McCarthy: McCarthy came in mid-way through the season and was on pace to lead the team in tackles. He was a monster in the run game and wasn't bad in pass coverage either. He's got another year under his belt and an entire off-season. He seems like an intuitive linebacker which could make him even more effective this season.

    Jurrell Casey: Casey had to fight for his playing time earlier last season, but earned his spot as a starter as the season went on. Casey is another monster in the run game and was responsible for changing the momentum in the Falcons game when he leveled Turner and sent him flying in the air. I don't expect Casey's production to fall off.

    Karl Klug: Klug was very effective last year when asked to get after the QB. This year it looks like he'll have an even bigger role and if paired up with Wimbley (which is where Gray said he'll be), his numbers could even increase from last year's. If you leave either Klug or Wimbley in single coverage your going to have problems.

    Kameron Wimbley: See above.

    Derrick Morgan: Morgan started to come on strong last season and has had a full season to overcome his knee injury. I only expect his production to increase from last season.

    J-Mac, Verner, Campbell, Sensabough, Mouton: I think this unit is better than last year's unit. Finny was good in coverage, but didn't force many turnovers. I feel that McCourty and Verner are fully capable of taking over the starting roles while the backups are a talented, speedy group. I don't know how I feel about our safeties at this point, but I like where we're at with our CB's. It's one of the most athletic group that we've had in Tennessee.

    All of the players listed either had a limited role last season, or should have better production numbers than last season. Being one of the few teams switching coaching staffs last year, the whole unit should be improved over the defense we fielded last season. And if you remember correctly, we weren't getting blown out last year. The Texans and the Steelers games were the only games where the opposing team's offense was moving the ball at will.
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  9. CJtheBeast

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    I actually think they're gonna use Brown early this season. I've heard a lot of good things about him. If he can defend Rob, he can defend just about anybody in the league. He definitely has the speed to defend anybody, I'm just curious about his coverage abilities.

    I can't wait to see him and Ayers coming off the edge. Ayers is a fast guy but Brown can flat out fly. Either one of them can get to the QB in a hurry, and they'll have 1 on 1's with Rb's or TE's if Klug, Casey, Wimbley, and Morgan can consistently get pressure.
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  10. TitansWrath

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    I'm more curious about his physicality. I have no doubt he can stay with Gronk going downfield... hell, he could probably give him a five yard head start and still get there in time. The question is, can he go up and fight the ball away from Gronk once it gets there?
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