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    I dont see us winning
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    From a post I had in the smack thread:

    "Arian is likely to get 150+ yards and a TD, question is... can we slow down Schuab? We shut down Calvin Johnson for the first half, he had one catch for like 8 yards. Then he torched us in the 2nd half. Hopefully we can slow down Andre. I just hope Verner lines up on Andre, he was shutting down Calvin.. then for some reason McCourty starting guarding Calvin primarily (and got dominated).

    I think our passing attack will surprise you guys. Look for us to target McCain, he's been struggling. He'll be up vs Britt, Nate, or Kendall.. and we should take advantage of the matchup.

    CJ likely wont get more than 25 yards. Unless by some crazy chance in hell he breaks a big one. VERY unlikely though.

    Another BIG matchup, possibly the biggest: Watt vs Harris/Stewart. On 81.9% of plays Watt lines up on the left side of the line, which means he is typically up against the right guard or right tackle. This means he will see a lot of Leroy Harris and David Stewart. The two have allowed a combined 16 pressures this year, and consequently, that number could be on the rise. Locker hasn’t been sacked over the past two games, and we have the 2nd fewest sacks/pressures allowed. Can we continue to protect Locker, and can he make plays like he did vs. Detroit.. or will he struggle like vs. SD?

    Finally, Wimbley vs. Brown. We've been struggling on sacks, middle of the league. Not terrible, but we need more pressure. For some reason, Gray (our DC) only blitzes 4 like 75% of the time. Wimbley HAS to beat Brown and starting getting pressure on Schuab. We need to slow your passing attack. Casey needs to help, because Wimbley is getting doubled alot. We need a big day from Wimbley. "

    I also see a L, 27-17 Texans. Crazier things have happened... dreaming we somehow sneak a W outta this game.

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    Unless McCarthy plays, I won't be looking forward to this game.

    I think the offense has now figured out a way to stay on the field, so offense doesn't worry me, I think we'll be able to score, but I'm concerned that our soft defense is going to allow Foster & Tate to run up and down the field. But McCarthy playing changes that.
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    If we keep it within 10, I could be happy with that. I have a sinking feeling their run game is going to shred us.
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    Scary stat: We've allowed 448 Rushing Yards and 3 TDs in the two games we played HOU last year.
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    I'm shocked but my wife bought me a ticket to attend the game on Sunday... driving down from Austin. Hopefully I bring us some good luck, but I doubt it :(. Watt vs. Stewart scares the hell out of me, we must have RB help on him every pass play.

    I think Gray has to trust his players to show up one on one, we can't sit back in a zone or we will give up 500 yards on Sunday. Bump and run and play Griff deep over the top where ever AJ lines up. Verner can cover man pretty well so I trust him vs. who ever is lining up on the opposite side of AJ. No playing 8-10 yards off the receivers too, we must get physical with them at the LoS. We need to bring as much pressure as possible, Ayers needs to be lining up all over the field to generate some confusion and he NEEDS to blitz. We have to play 8 or 9 in the box to stop their running attack, and make that statue Schuab beat us.
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    Don't bring stats into this
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    Titans win this one
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    CJ and Locker has to be worried about JJ Watt dude is playing at another level since the end of last year. He gonna be a PITA.
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    JJ Watt reminds me a lot of Steve Lattimer (roided) from The Program. Dude is a machine. We need an Alvin Mack on our team!