Terrelle Pryor...what pick would you use for him?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Fry

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    How often did you watch either Locker or Pryor play? I watched OSU every chance I could over the past three years and Pryor is not an accurate passer. His footwork is nonexistent. His delivery and release are 10X worse than VY's. For a guy who has as big of an arm as he has he lofts almost every pass and constantly throws up prayers because he knows the talent OSU has is usually better than their opponent's. The best plays he can make are with his legs when things break down.

    He's a great physical talent but the skill set to play QB in the NFL is not there. He's just another example of what's wrong with college football offenses; find the biggest and fastest guy who can throw a decent ball and let him run around and make enough plays to win the game.

    And I also said I wouldn't spend a draft pick on him, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing him in undrafted to compete with Rusty Smith, which is a battle Rusty wouldn't have a problem winning.
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    I'm 89% sure RollTide likes confrontation on here. That or he gets paid to stir the pot.
  4. TrollTide. lol
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    Now that's better than State Penny Britt.
  6. meh I like the first better personally.
  7. Fry

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    'One aspect to Terrelle Pryor that might be damaging his chances of landing in the NFL this season is the perception of him from a personal standpoint, as Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports detailed in a column Thursday. Cole's story included takes from several key decision-makers on NFL teams.

    "We spent a lot of time this year going through Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett's personality," an NFC general manager told Cole. "I haven't done all my homework on Pryor yet, but my initial impression is that if you line all three of them up and just talked about trust and reliability, Pryor is dead last. Like not-even-out-of-the-starting-gate last. And it's probably only going to get worse."

    In spite of what may be a lack of interest around the NFL, Pryor isn't interested in the CFL, according to his attorney.'
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    He sucks!!!
  9. 24

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    Horrible accuracy, horrible attitude. His character flaws make VY look like a Boy Scout. He's not worth more than a 7th rounder, and only because he supposedly runs a sub 4.4.
  10. RollTide

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    What are these gigantic character flaws? He is not a boy scout but he is not Lawrence Phillips. What crimes has he committed? The big concern is his attitude but you can talk to him and get better idea about him. If he talks like he doesn't give a damn then don't draft him.

    Terrelle Pryor is guilty as charged of being an over indulgent egotistical QB who has always dominated with athletic ability alone

    He completed 65% of his passes last year in a semi pro style offense. Jake Locker completed 55% of his passes last year in a semi pro style offense. But it is Pryor who is not even worth a pick of any kind and Locker worth the 8th pick?
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